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#SUPER awesome song
YAy mlg stuff
That is the worst waddle drawing ever!
You forgot the cheek marks and the orange belly! He looks like kirby now!

TO espy
THE SPEEDS OF SANICS! Sorry if its so small

The stupid thing messed up
ForestFIre always comments first
Sorry FUR not updating guys. You must be SHOCKed about

this news that I was inactive.
Hashtag will update this saturday
The text is longer then usual plus we got our bros and

discovered two new long lost bros who are pigs
By the way there will be a 3 day hiatus for science camp.
Wats nine plus ten? 21! Stupid!
It's yo age bro
Need commands plz guys
So we are at Skyblock and our bros aren't here

yet. It will cost 1000 to get them here. We

will also get the villager and build the

village as soon as we establish the cocoa

bean farm. Plus get enough money
We will be venturing over to Skyblock the next

comic to build the most swag island in the

history of swag islands.
Diamond tree of swag planting!

You are now God's new diamond tree farmer

By the way this isn't a survival comic

This is a mess around with everything comic
The gods of swag approve of your skill of cutting down
trees swagiciloisly.

Also final command of the day.

Be sure to post your commands so I can make more comics
Da Da Da Daaa Da Da Daaaaa!

Plus you get a diamond block for being swag
Cows are swagy bros
Possibly the first ever Minecraft CYOA
Make a waddle dee appear and style on the water demon wearing swagy sunglasses who is stalking the werewolf thingy