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Hi I'm EmojiDragon77 like it says on the top, I draw in a cartoon style and like Origami, tea, and Emojis. why do you think im called emojidragon? :P

honestly if you think this is too short of an introduction, that's because I can't stretch my sentences like instructions on how to toast poptarts in a toaster (yes those have multiple steps)
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let's tell them about homestuck... *gets out some shades*
Daaaaaaaaaaaave!!!!! (homestuck fan)
duck attack X3
I don't know :|
I'm just here for the cheese XD
Michael Jordan Autographed Original Fleer Rookie Card Art for $29,999.99???
jack-o-lanterns were originally turnips, not pumpkins (national geographic)
apparently cave paintings are made of dirt or charcoal and mixed with spit or animal fat... and they did it in caves so the paintings are protected by wind and sunlight...
who invented the word invented?
the 4 symbols in playing cards are to represent the 4 seasons (I just read it somewhere)
why does the slightly transparent flareon's poster say Democracy in unknown?