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I want a Carousel shop!!

And I wonder if RGB *can't* take his shirt off, so that's why he's getting it ironed while on him? That iron is a special shape...
@polkad0tpanic: I thought it was 'Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Sailor"?
A hedgehog...? I LOVE HEDGEHOGS!!! <3
He *is* just 14 years old. He's been through alot, and he didn't even *want* to go on this journey in the first place.

... You're allowed to cry when life gives you shit.
Maybe it got super strong by having to flop everywhere really fast to keep up with the group?
@Guest: I've been wondering that myself. Anyone?
@Shmu: Or maybe he's broadcasting back to 'Her'. 0_0
They're all concepts or ideas? Like, you know how when you get an idea for a picture but it never comes out quite exactly as it was in your head? So what you pictured in your head is kinda floating around here, some parts a bit fuzzy or undefined like ideas are, trying to gradually piece themselves together into what they were meant to look like or become.
And they can be other things that go through your head, like the feeling of a memory, a vague sense at the back of your mind, a half-remembered dream, deja-vu, a new invention, etc.

As for the line "This isn't how I died", well the saying is 'tv killed radio', maybe he was killed by the internet and there's a computer guy waltzing around somewhere representing the concept of the internet and acting all spaztic.
Or maybe he got a glimpse of the future and was like 'Wait, this isn't how the script ends!'
@Riverfox237: I was thinking that, too.
@Takeshre: That would be when cutting food. It's more you're supposed to hold the knife in your right hand (more control, assuming you're in the right-handed majority.)
... I've seen that hobby-horse wheel thing somewhere before... =~=

And I think I've figured it out, but I'll need clarification on what exactly is to be figured out, 'cause dang if there isn't a lot...

(I'd say I'm thinking too deeply about this, but then I remember I'm reading TPoH)
@Guest: That's what I thought, too.
@theInsaneArtist: (Oh hey, looks like I have an account here... sweet.)
@edera: You shed your outer coating to reveal your naked chocolateness. Then quickly don your new coat before people are scandalized and you get arrested for indecent exposure.
The puns!
@basia122: You're making it worse!
@just a thought: Wow, I didn't even notice that! Hmm...