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Cool drawing Darius! Your comics are just as good as always.
I just realized
This isn't about their victory is it.
Grand-plan here or there... they are dead.
I hope, but doubt they can get Kor'la together. Skraat, the child, the Space Marine.. The Dark Elf.

There is no hope. There is only war.
EAT THAT! Good jub Darius!
I told you! I told you all and you didn't believe me! Now see the death of the eldary. Xenos scum! This is what they get for not being as bad-ass as the Astarte is. Glory for humanity and all hail the GodEmperor of Mankind!
One day Darius you will be rich! You are doing and excellent job. It looks so nice. Be good, have strength and keep drawing!
Yea... this is when you start praying for the Emperor to come and save you.
At this point not much can be done.

R.I.P Eldar. So sad.
Now we just need some Blood Ravens and an Ork Invasion to make this worse :'D.
Feels like wh40k
When things couldn't go worse, but still do... and than you top it down with a grenade to the face and stand half-dead with your balls out against a horde of tyranid.......
Warhammer 40k
Oh yeah!
How awesome things are. I love this page. It seems the god got a bit of.. something? I'm not sure. However I'm happy to see them people around.
Pinky! You return?!:D
Like the Imperials
Remember the imperial motto:
"Kill one, 10 takes it place."
Well the nids are no different as it seems.
Disgusting. Filthy Xenos, cleanse them in flames, none shall remain, let the Emperor be proud!
Well now you do!
Also, what happened to pinky?
Every time you expect something to be less clusterfuck dakka-bang chaosritten shit, it just stays the same or get's worse.

Also Darius, why not webtoon?
I kind of feel bad.. nah who are we kidding. They are cute, beautiful, but 5 minutes in a conversation and u punch em right where it ~cracks~.
I'm back.
The pink guy is back! I might learn his name.
Oh shit!
Things are going pretty interesting.
She is so cute, that I feel like I don't want to bone her anymore. Rather I would date her, maybe ship her relationship with Kharn-ak or take her to the theme-park. She is a 10/10 would invite to her to my wedding.
Shame on those forums and hell yeah for the new strip! Also, she is kinda annoying and cute. Perfect match for the dear Sgt.