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wow super edgy username

I'm heroin. A spriter, and comic-er. I've been here since 2009 on many accounts, and still suck shit when it comes to comics. c:
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@sonicsmash328: Better.

The comic is also pretty good, so I'll stay in-tuned. c:
I gave a brief runthrough of this comic, and I shall now share my thoughts, because I can.

First off, it was very hard to get into this comic in the first place because of your first few issues. They were just...bad. Unfunny, and really drab. I would suggest remaking them, as to not deter new readers.

The next issue I really feel is how.. normal some of the characters are. Now for people like Marley, it's not that much of a problem, as main characters aren't meant to be the most abnormal ones of the bunch, but for other, less important characters, it helps to have a more interesting personality to them. Chill, from what I've seen, personally doesn't give me that much of an importance sense. I don't really feel any sort of care for her, or her relationship with marley. Characters like that need to be touched up, and made more relatable or likeable.

The action scenes and villains are good. The fight scenarios are all really nice, and only somewhat anti-climactic in certain situations.

Overall, I like your comic, Project. Kudos.

Also, I want a cameo. PM me. :)
That background image is really distracting. It's really bright and it makes the panels hard to see.

Your grammar isn't the best, so I would use spellcheck on an external text editor before doing your textboxes.

The sprite bixmixing is only a slight annoyance, but seeing as this is a "crossover comic", I won't say much about it.
February 7th, 2015
breast cancer awareness yoshi
@GokentoPower: then dont fucking screenshot them that big, it glitches the page.

have you ever heard of screen resizing
please. don't make your damn comics so big.

only use plausible resize increments.

no need for 500x panels.
This shit fucking killed me.

I hope you're happy.

This is just Sonic.

Instead of posting a whole damn kb of shit, why don't you just upload the only sprite that's /actually/ done. AKA One position. The first one.