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Gaming {Roleplaying, computer... some console}, SciFi, Fantasy fan... full of obscure data from lots of genres.
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    Roger Lee Wathen Jr
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Huh..I was right.. a tri-clops.
And what's best is its wholly based upon what he does. Its not spiteful, or cruel nor punitive. If he treats all his female partners with love, affection, respect and heartfelt care... {including the red-head he's currently in bed with} nothing will ever happen! But if he treats women as objects of entertainment... causing them sorrow... He will be SCATHINGLY punished!!!

Elegant... and JUST! :)
Unreserved Love...
Yes. I know how Lan feels.. I love my sister just as much. I'm her Prince who is always there to protect her... even though she is in her 40's! :)

Love NEVER fades... I'd storm heaven and hell for my sister's sake.
Yeah, I think I'm sticking with this comic.. love the art... and the story is engaging.
Yes... love your art style.. I'm intrigued with your story. Kinda "Myazaki".. who my favorite male character is Ashitaka from 'Princess Mononoke'. Lan sort of remind me of him. :)
HA! I like.. 'You will die..' is too simple.. far too forgiving and easy. When your dead you can't regret your choices.. no this is ..Elegant! Queenly, I approve! :)
Lay one on me Baby!
Oh SNAP! What a way to get cursed... makes you want more curses!

And Bravo 'Evil Queen', that is a most EXCELLENT start of a Grand Curse and last kiss!
Oh Yeah.. THE BEST!
Be careful what you wish for or think you deserve... You just might get it!

Reap the Whirlwind ... 'King who deserves the best of EVERYTHING'!

And Congrats milady! I hope you find exquisite bliss in your marriage! :)
Wow.. what a creep! Caught red-handed... and Lavinia is not old .. she is mature.. there is STILL much beauty in her if one has but eyes to see and is not blinded by fleeting lusts!

No. I don't think she will hurt him.. but I think she will give him a DIRE warning.. that he'd better not harm a hair on Rosale's head .. or all the Kingdoms of the world will not protect him from her Eldritch WRATH.. and JUSTICE!
Love this comic! So glad Lavinia finally talked it out with her step-daughter... I only hope she eventually finds out Why and WHO murdered Rosale's mother!
I'm tearing up here.. {so beautiful}!
Oh My! THERE is the noble heart that the jealous hag imprisoned! Good for her! Beauty is only skin... but TRUE Loveliness comes from within the heart!
Yep. Its me... no longer a guest either! That last page.. sold me.