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I'm a Canadian gal who likes jogging, kombucha and my pet rabbit! I mostly update on Instagram under ashtreehouse <3

Also, Check out my comic Steel & Manitou (high quality!!) on The Duck:
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SO trippy *_*
Pfft, typical dads
Sundance, use the knife thingy! It's just your dad no big d...

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Awesome view of the tribe!
Oh the old tricky hand grab
Snuffles should just be one of those anxiety service dogs, ya know, the kind they take on planes. i'm sure he'd like that XD
Remember Sundance's dad who said she was going to be beheaded and also saved her back in Chapter 2? HE'S BACK!

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@MayelV: Eeek! that means alot coming from you! Your comic is incredible and a big deal around these parts!
Sensing from a distance would be incredibly useful and maybe unuseful at the same time!
Such a hootttiee!
Over on The Duck Webcomics, we are starting off the annual 'The Duck Comic Awards' season with the FYC submissions (For your Consideration) . The theme is movies, so the FYCS can be either made like movie posters or trailers or behind the scenes. It's low hanging fruit, but I had to model mine after a vintage spaghetti western movie poster, so here it is. My knock of 'A Fistfull of Dollars'.

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The Duck Comic Awards

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So much happens when you are sixeteen!
Better keep the door shut!
I love the world you've made
@Linn: open a can of whoopass!
@MayelV: Creeps!!
Playing around with a new paint tool, ignore the messy coloring.

AND GIIIRRRLLL is about to get all dirty again!

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