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I'm a Canadian gal who likes jogging, craft beer and my pet rabbit!

My comic is sort of a fun time to pass the time, I am interested in doing a more serious comic but I am a shit writer. I would love to collab with someone so if you like my stuff, give me a shout!

Also, Check out my comic Steel & Manitou (high quality!!) on The Duck:

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I am soo sorry I have been unable to post! My life has been crazy and I am sort of off my usual routine!! My work has been insane, we launched a huge upgrade so I have been working overtime. Also (I posted this on the forum) I ended a 4 year relationship recently and that kind of sucked. I wanted to be able to work on my comic during this time, but I have just been reconnecting with old friends or trying new things and that hasn't left me a lot of time. I am sure everything will settle down soon, and I can get back into the swing of things.

As for the page.. like many religions, Native Peoples believed in demons or evil spirits that could latch onto you or try to possess you. It is usually a curse, but can also be used to ward off other spirits or bad omens. In my comic, they are simply referred as to “Watched”. If you peruse my art on Deviantart of my free website, I have mentioned the fox character being called a “watcher”.

Thanks for sticking by me!!

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@Linn: I don't even know if it's that sort of comic yet haha. But sidekick, for sure (actually, I know Sundance will be more useful, so more likely Kass will be the sidekick lol)
@melaredblu: Hahaha, yeah no kidding! Stupid white girl!
I want to pet her face :D
every year I go, yeah inktober! and everyear.. nope. So, your ahead of the game in my books!
Omg her pose/face in the second last panel.. SOMEONE jut help her! Ok.. no creepy vent maybe..
He's... star struck! eh, eehhhhh???
I kind of hear this as background music during this scene, especially during the close up.

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@Linn: Thanks!! Sometimes with the wind, you wouldn't be able to hear anything anyways!
Ughhhh dogs aren't they worse? (said no one ever)
I love the expressions haha
Woah, that would be creepy to see. Sorry to hear about the flooding.. stay safe!
Neat name for a cat haha!
Hmm.. so they know each other
Died again?? creepy.. love this page though!
October 15th, 2016
Yes, amazing last panel! Did she legit cannonball right on to the bottom?
I decided to not put any dialogue to sort of give it an open, empty, endless kind of feel. Hopeless, you know? I understand why pioneers were sometimes driven to madness when they first moved to the prairies. I have seen really old photos of farms in Saskatchewan, no trees.. just wide open plains. It must have felt so lonely.

So, did the trickster fox just innocently drop the horse in the middle of a field, or does she have more in mind?

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@Linn: Bahaha, I didn't see Sonic but now I do! Now I can't unsee lol!
@popcornxing: Thanks, I want to go to Korea next!!