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I like politics.. yeah politics and art.
You can really see the difference when I change scanners oh my god...
Okay, so when I was toning this tonight I was looking at the boys in the second panel, and I noticed the one at the very back looked a bit different. I then realised he doesn't have a mouth. Even with the advantages of photoshop, I decided to leave it because it amused me that there was this one menacing looking kid that looked like Andrew Hussie just chilling at the back there.
Thank you for everyone still reading!
Thank god I have a backlog of pages from christmas. My lecturers have concluded that a dissertation clearly isn't enough work so they've piled it on even more. Plus it snowed and who wants to draw while its snowing?
I was gonna give Luca's grandma more sass but whatever Faith can carry the sass of the whole story.
His face is almost a complete circle I don't...
It's been three years today since I started this comic so have some art I drew many months ago
Intentionally short chapter!
Have some words, bitches love words.
Bitches also like slightly wonky ominous buildings.
I haven't drawn scenery in ages so have some SCENERY! Thank you for the lovely comments on my last page, honestly cheered me up no end because I was having a really crummy week!
Sorry this page is a bit sparse on the detail. My excuse is IMPACT, space makes IMPACT. Nah that's nonsense just just deadline fortnight
Jesus Christ its an update. If I could explain myself. Two months ago I went back to uni, and instead of being the mundane flogfest it was last year I found myself... flogging some more yes but I've also discovered a social life, which is crazy. Also I joined a basketball team. What I'm getting at is I haven't drawn anything in like two months. I'm not kidding I haven't even sketched for fun. Which is sad. Anyway I'm not prepared to let this comic go yet so watch this space I'll try harder to update in future.
August 30th, 2012
3:20am, urrghh
@Captain Ghost- Aaahh thank you so much! I don't want my readers to feel cheated so I try my best to add as much detail as I can.
@Raichi- Thank you kindly for your continued support, it means a lot!
@vapidity- Haha, yeah the shadowy people. As much as I try to draw backgrounds and stuff, when theres multiple background characters I'm like nope, not today world. Maybe this will suddenly change genres and become some kind of psychological horror thing. Thank you though!
@MechaMax- I cried a little. I love hearing from new readers it makes me so happy that even after all this time people are still making the effort to read through my archive, and even happier that they're enjoying it! Thank you, thank you so much you've given me a massive boost!

Eeek sorry for my lack of updates. I've literally been living in the fast lane these last couple of weeks. I was going to skip this page because of time constraints but I figured it was good for the old character development and my awful awful sense of ironic humour.
August 11th, 2012
I was gonna go ahead and tone the rest of the chapter digitally like I do with my first comic but I tried greyscale markers out and I rather liked how it turned out! It's nice to try something completely different, plus I'm always a little miffed at how digital toning obliterates my pencil shading which I spend quite a lot of time on.

@gevans1961- They're based off every female K-idol band ever so yes there's truth in that! B-bring the boys out~
I finished the first page of chapter 5 yesterday ready to upload before realising I didn't have any chapter art, so here it is! It's a little rushed since I started it yesterday afternoon... and I was watching tennis.
I didn't even realise this was the last page of the chapter till I saw a little scribble in the corner saying end of chapter 4. The next chapter is a really short though which is good for me. Sorry about lack of update, had a crazy week but I'll get back to it. Been enjoying the olymics~

Thought there may have been a weird time in Als life where he had semi long hair, I mean it doesn't just get like that right?
Markers are fun, kinda wish I could carry on in colour but it'd be pretty difficult seeing as I don't have many.
@ZombieToast - First! And thank you I hope I can deliver!
@Theorah - That made my day thank you so much ;___;

This cover thing used to have a lot more going on but the size was all wrong so I had to cut it out and reduce it down so now its just a single sketch. I quite like the idea of using traditional media like markers on this comic so it might become a thing. The first comic page is up next so no more floaty bits of art
Have some art!
July 16th, 2012
Wow didn't see that coming. Your art style is so wonderful by the way! I love it!
Started my new comic today which I'm going to update alongside this one. I'll probably do a proper promo thing tomorrow