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Behold the power of my awesome randomness!!

oh yeah,and i like dogs, pastries(hence the name 'crusty'), and video games...

+ tons of credit to Nintendo and the Spriters Resource

Pokemon is awesome!
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    Well its not Kris, that's way too obvious...
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I think George is gonna try to hit him with a plan
@Syntras: Well, since it seems we're all in the mood for a harem, it only seems fair we throw in Kahn and the team rocket members. Namely Estelle.
huh. You know, if Venus can whittle down Shockbuddy's HP enough, Atty might be able to just send out Fish and wait for the raichu to faint from poison and give a bunch of exp to it
@Kynimstuck: Ah, but remember that Brycen was a fake too?
@Broktus: Nah, I'm definitely curious too. I love how they aren't questioning it though
George's smile though, kinda reminds me of the one she gave Atty when she led him out of Pewter City. Like...a knowing smile that she knows that Venus might not listen to Atty either after how strong she's gotten.
"It-it's not like I WANTED you to come rescue me...baka."
Oh. THAT route. Never liked that route. I'm not sure why, but I have some bad childhood memories from Blue version that for some reason have stuck with me.
Didn't get why people would call you satan until i saw all the pancakes...
I love how Artemis just looks like "why do I have to live in a world of stupid?"
But little did the people of the cruise ship know...
the force of the impact that sent Fish flying caused it to knock out a passing school of goldeens. just enough to raise its exp to lv 20
Atty: No way I'm taking the attack for you this time.
Fight!Fight! Fight!
my dad actually uses the phrase numbnuts a lot.

Definitely wanna see him bring out the feraligatr though. or another giant pokemon, I'm not really picky when it comes to giant pokemon fights
damn right dragonthing. show that evolved bastard who's boss. By...uh... using fly! Yeah, that oughtta work
@Covarr: and just getting snagged upon take-off
@Axies: but nerdy enough to be Gohan, maybe
@heliumsquid: Pretty sure it's Merric
For a person who tries to avoid having fun, Atty seems to be pretty bad at it