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This happens to me too... and I loaded the game. Screwed maaaany gaming hours XD
But it was worth for. Clan lives!
The last mission with your clan is bad too. Choose the false one and the whole clan dies... choose the right one and the clan gets a wonderful life, give you many points and a unique hart. yeah. Read the whole text.

...I did this since my second playthrough... when my whole clan died XD
I remind this scene. I took the shoes first... but what I saw in the post by the soldiers was pretty mean XD
So I took the books cause this is the thing what gave the best reply by the soldiers :)
XD The wastes. I think the name comes from "waste a lot of time with walking around" My first playhrough was such a pain in the arse and I hated the treasure maps... I thought I never will find the grave-chambers. But much worse was this strange sister... I never found her again the first time :D
PS: Harts rox!