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Could go with a sand bath.

(Sonic baths sound like they'd blast you with vibrations strong enough to dislodge dirt and dead skin cells but weak enough that they won't kill you. In that situation, though, they don't sound like something many people smarter than an ant would willingly build on a planet, let alone something as delicate as a space ship. Because most people are unreasonable. What could possibly go wrong with something capable of controlling vibrations to that degree? It's not like massive, city-destroying events are caused by vibrations in the air or ground, right? Right?

Even so, I like the idea that Ichabod found one somewhere and tried it anyway, if just because, in this scenario, it would help get across just how desperate he was at that point.)
I dunno, Tabitha's father is still in the running; he /does/ spend an awful lot of time around dangerous alchemical mixtures.

Queue arc about hiding from assassins forever.
Next time, on Far Out There: Skye's head bursts into flames due to overheating. But it's okay; she puts out the fire with her sabotaging skills. And a fire extinguisher. Mostly the fire extinguisher.
Oh, man. I got distracted by saving a world from a giant space pig that was planning on eating it; I came back to awesome!
We interrupt your regularly scheduled death and destruction to bring you this breaking news story: PANCAKES!
The thing that freaks me out about this scene is that the thing that caused her to sober up wasn't anything the mercenaries did. She caused the destruction that resulted in Taz's injury, and she's going to kill those people for it. This is exactly why we breed supersoldiers /without/ emotion here in the Illumina--I said nothing; you heard nothing.
It should totally become a thing that when Disonar isn't being a total idiot, his hair stops being rainbow-y.
Trigger confirmed as Layla's father. Where's my Lightstabber?

(Stilez seems awfully eager to greet to this crazy gun nut.)
At first, I thought Avatar was trying to alert Stilez to Ichabod's pressence.

VI: does that make Ichabod Princess Peach and Alfonse and Bridget the Hammer Bros.? Stilez=Bowser? Tabitha's father=Kamek? I'd try to come up with more, but I'm bad with names.
Sometimes I forget that this universe doesn't have Space Orks in it.
Don't worry, Stilez; I'm sure it'll be shinier when it's on fire. Most things are.
Their chances of getting out of this situation without suffering any casualties are going up, at least.
This can't possibly end well.
Not sure if he hacked them or activated the Infinite Improbability Drive; Jesus.
In the grim, dark future of the whatever-millennium-this-is, there are only laser-proof shipping containers.
Trigger's a total panicked idiot saboteur.