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I like wolves
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Are some of these comics based off of real life events?
M-M-M-M-MEGA MEWTWO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wait high score 5? You skipped four
Um... I need an Adult...
So he is essentially going to tell her to sacrifice her pokemon for the greater good? Ergo choice the life of many over the life of 1 you care about? WHY must we have these choices?
in the last panel where silver say "But how could I do otherwise." Change the how to what it flows better
FIGHT ME I'M RIPPED!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am curious is this a pokemon Yellow Nuzlock?
@NioiTakoNoki: BILL barrage, I never say a single one. You wouldn't be trying to put the blame on me would you Nio dearest?
What did odette say after bossy?
Weeeell... Some people knew their names quite a while ago, while others didn't. And we know something else about their names that I am not sure I can say (Mostly cause I forgot a part of it so I don't want to spreed the wrong thing)
@jellybeanier: yo she rekted you m8. like she literally dragged you
Oh no smol is naked again, he isn't suppose to be naked again. Also this means you posted this from way earlier this morning. You shouldn't do that to yourself rest you are only human
Man I am late to this
For Cody: What does it feel to become 100x fluffier now?

For Sumi: Now that Cody has evolved do you feel he is strong enough for you to not have to fear for him? Or will you still be the over-protective brother to him?
@PixelKing: I think that means rest in pieces in peace. cause she possibly shattered his skull with that punch, and maybe her hand sense it was messed up from the first punch
Punjabi and Urdu? are those real languages?
@ZHODY the delfinator: tumblr you say, this means two things. 1) There is a tumblr with a reaction. 2) You know of said tumblr. Can you please inform me of the name
@miizj: yea you right, sorry about that got them mixed up. well the thing about Gold's mom being ferocious is still right tho
I can't argue with that argument DT. Welp guess she's fighting this one as well