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Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X
I used to make comics, but they aren't that good and weren't getting any better, so I retired.
Read them if you want, but don't expect any updates or high quality.
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Would you hold it against me if I used that start animation for Hotdog as my SJ avatar?
I said I wanted extra mustard, and I'm getting it gosh darn it!

(yellow pls)
Oh hecc it's back
I'll take one hotdog with extra mustard.

Looking at both the comic and the author comment, this does not look good.
Ew, eye coloring.

Anyways, kinda meh "BANNUR". Moving on.
And so we reach the end of our tour through RSP. It was a fun journey, but I think it is time for said journey to come to an end. For surely nobody will ever come up with anything for this comic ever again, not that we could upload them for Ender has removed all other authors.

Ender, you may now feel free to mark this comic as "completed". You, me, and MegaBoy all looked back at everything. I think it is finally time to lay this comic to rest.
And so MKII never appeared in a comic again.
@RedBomber: And so Walt never got his last paycheck.

Because this was never continued

Why did I even make this to begin with
Hey remember that time MegaBoy hosted a design contest?

Good times.

(I don't think anyone even won that one.)
And this comic never went anywhere.

Good job 2016 Ender.