Bt Man-Shadowy Hero From 200X
I fight for the protection of the world and such.
I also make and read comics.
Though I'm extremely lazy when it comes down to making them. :P
Hey look, this thing is back.
Hopefully it won't be another few months until the NEXT post.

Also, introducing (in terms of Ninja Dojo) (First panel in the bottom row) E-Tank Central, a place where it's possible for Robots to get drunk off of "special" E-Tanks! ...Don't ask how.

Also, it's the place where you can find a lot of cameos, including some in advertisement form! Here's a list of a few now:
-The Gameboy-looking Robot Master is made by MegaBoyX7. I forgot the bot's name, but maybe MegaBoy can nag on me about it in the comments or something. (Jk, of course)
-The grey Mega Man is actually Bt Ghost, who is based off of Beta Man's old model back when he was Bt. He actually appeared back in the prologue as a hidden Easter Egg and became a more important character in my CYOA and QnA comics.
--Fun fact: This is how Ninja and Bt met in terms of CYOA canon. But in terms of Ninja Dojo, he serves no purpose but to be there.
-The robot at the counter is actually Mega Man. Poor bot needs SOME form of job since Capcom isn't doing anything with him other than game collections anytime soon.
-Then there are two posters in the background. The first one advertises my CYOA Comic, Beta Man Adventures. You clearly can't see it, but the poster shows Wily and two hidden RMs I plan for the CYOA. ...You know, when I finally get off my lazy butt and actually make the other Robot Masters.
-The second poster that was originally planned for it's ORIGINAL first appearance in the CYOA, which is RotomSlashBlast wearing a Cuts Corner shirt while promoting "MegaCrate" to save Christmas, calling it "Krimah". This is a reference to the Youtuber Sr Pelo, in which me and Rotom used to reenact a lot with our own characters until things happened that is Community-personal.
--This has been removed in favor for a "Tonight with Top Man" poster. And for those who read my CYOA... I TOLD you MegaCrate Rotom would return.
...I'm getting some Ginyu Force vibes from this.

(Also, Cut Man, you're too cool, why are you posing like they are, you're making a fool of yourself.)
@bill33: I am calm.

There is a difference between person and character.
> BT, offended by Bill calling him a purple Mega Man, ignores him and proceeds to help BestBuilder with the Mettaurs.
...I'm guessing this means they weren't the real MMK.

That or Enker isn't the real Enker, but having two real ones and one fake one wouldn't make any sense, so I'm picking option #1.

(Also, welcome back, Cuts Corner!)
@Dervo619: Two things:

-First off, I'm only accepting OC submissions through PMs. The reason for this is thing to mention #2.
-Secondly, I'm going to need some sprites for this character and description of abilities. I don't plan on making them for you. ESPECIALLY if I don't know what this character even looks like.

If you can't do this, then just submit one of the ORIGINAL Robot Masters and we'll call it a day.

Oh look, a shameless plug.
Btw, if you're wondering why Gemini is there, it's because his Gemini TV is a part of the thing. If you're wondering what Gemini TV is, it's a TV Network I came up with that is run by Gemini Man. It's main show (in other words, the comic the network originated from) is Ninja Dojo, but it's currently on hiatus. I'll PROBABLY fix that problem next week, but considering this is the SAME THING I tell myself every time, you probably shouldn't count on it.

Wait, we're getting payed?

I didn't get anything for making that Beta Man Random Adventures thing.
Oh yeah, I already decided to place these four in here:

-Beta Man
-Ninja Man (Yep, the rivalry is real.)
-Cut Man (Because why not. Also KUNG-FU CUTMA- Ok I'll stop.)

I'll wait a week to see if anyone signs up. Or maybe shorter, who knows.
-You can suggest ANY Robot Master from 1-10. (Yes, even the Mega Man Killers.)
-Doc Robot will be banned because its ONLY abilities are the ones it copied from the MM2 Robot Masters.
-Duo, too, will be banned. Why? Because I'm not going to bother with his Battle and Fighters sprites.
-Fan-Game Robot Masters are also banned. You know, for obvious reasons.
-I have decided to lift various bans. You may now suggest ANY Robot Master that is not on the list. However, I will come back to you on this if the character either has usage complications or a lack of/no 8-bit sprites whatsoever.
-If you're submitting an OC AND an official Robot Master, I'd recommend that you just mention the official Robot Master in the same PM as your OC submission.
>BT decides to check and see what kind of weapons he has.

(Oh yeah he has that Megaman copy ability thing. Purple is Blue color, grey is Cyan color. Or however you want to interpret weapon color schemes. Or, you know, completely remove it if you don't want to use that.)
Uh oh. Looks like we have accidental duplicates here.
I'm guessing that thing with Walter is the continuation of that void thing.

You know. The one you never continued and possibly never will.
@ThatOneEnderMan: ...This is, uh... Too much to answer at once, and the story of the characters meeting are long enough. So I'll just explain in text instead:

-Because this is for all my main characters, and 2/3 of them are Betas.
-Because this is how he appeared in the CYOA, which Bt is referring to.
-"Green Proto" actually has grey armor, but hey, Beta is purple/blue Mega and Bt is grey Mega. So to sum it all up... I suckz at the custom spriting. (But you only ask this now? :P)
-Ninja actually hates Time Man because of Time Man's roasting session in the latest (but oh so terribly not new) issue of Ninja Dojo.
-There's an author representation because A. I have to speak directly to the audience sometimes (like in the CYOA) B. So that these sprites MegaBoy made don't go to waste and C. Because I refuse to drag Beta Reaper into this.
-I explained EEKADO before during Ninja Man's speech. As for all other jokes... Well, I just felt like it.
Despite Ninja's earlier statement about Time Man, he still has beef.
Also, I kinda took the Proto Man part of the question in two different ways at the same time. Despite, opinions on the original Light Bots (+Bass) have been shared.

(And here I thought some of the PREVIOUS comics were big.)
Yeah, there really isn't an argument over who has the most authority.
Author Beta is actually kinda the lead authority for ALL of my comics (except Beta and Mega, that's shared equally with MegaBoy. Oh, and Random Sprite Party. That belongs to ThatOneEnderMan. And Shameless Advertisements is just... Well. Exactly what the title is, so it doesn't really count as a "comic" per se.) since he is a representative of myself as a comic maker, so there really isn't any reason for my characters to argue over it.

Speaking of Shameless Advertisements, perhaps I'll advertise this thing. Not sure how I'm going to do it, but I'll think of something.