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Washington-based independent comic artist and freelancer. Bachelor of Arts, TESC 2017.

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    T.B. Harper
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Uuuuu thank you for this!! This is so cute ;__; I love the little hair details and the ornaments in her hair aaaa
See latest blog post here:
!!!! Thank you for this!!! This is super cute and I love how you included her monster momma in it!! Thank you again!! ;w;
(this page was super late because of thanksgiving turkey coma sorry about that, next page is def going to be ready on time next week (also technically it's still friday in washington so))
As a reminder, Goodnight is going to only update once every two weeks. If you would like to know why, please read the blog article here on the official website:
My comic reads right-to-left.
This is really cute! Thank you so much, the effect for the monster mom's fur makes her look more monster-y, it's great!
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Hey, sorry that I didn't post these on the weekend like I was supposed to! I got hit by a really bad cold and a depressive episode after cooling down from school work, but just so you know I will be posting these throughout the day/week to make up for it.
September 21st, 2015
Accepting Reader Questions!
1 more page to go which means I'm now accepting reader's questions! As a reminder, once this chapter ends, I will be going on a month-long hiatus in order to buffer for chapter two.

You can ask a question either by sending me an ask on my tumblr, email me at, OR simply commenting on this page. I may not be able to answer some spoiler-ridden questions or some I deem inappropriate. Thanks for reading!
September 18th, 2015
forgot to upload the page to here this wednesday XD sorry about that. if i forget again, it's always updated on time on the official website.