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@Tailslover13: Geez I thought you'd be the most happy with the winner :(

Eh, not really lol. Congrats to Taro, but I will always know in my heart, that...

I like blondes.


This season started off amazingly. The season had an original and interesting theme and division, a phenomenal cast, and great interactions and moments in the first 3-ish episodes. I was legitimately in love with the season, and up until that point it was my overall favorite so far.

So, when did that change? What broke the spell for me?

For me, it was Brandi. As for when, I first got suspicious about her at the end of episode four. The entire episode, it seemed to me, was leading up to a Brandi blindside with all of her lies and deceit seemingly catch up to her, what with her breakdown and people starting to tire of her overactive gameplay. And yet, after the challenge... she not only doesn't get targeted by anybody, but she single-handedly orchestrates a 3-2-2-1 blindside on her closest ally? Those two comics were what started to make me sour to the season. But even after that, I was willing to let it slide and give it another chance. Maybe Brandi's downfall was in the next couple of episodes?

No it was not. Instead she eventually gets mostly forgiven and pulls off another (arguably rule-breaking) power play in the next Tribal when she stands up next to Jeff and watches everyone as they vote, skating by with only a single vote against her. For the rest of the premerge, she continues to dominate her tribe without a blindside being so much as discussed by anyone other than Marie and Daisuke (one of whom doesn't survive to the merge).

I think I've made my problem with her, as well as this season as a whole, clear. Characters in this season seemed to get away with way too much, with minimal consequences (in Brandi's case until the F7). Taro is also guilty of this as well, as I mentioned a few comics ago, having never been in danger until the final 4, and *poisoning* people to stay alive. And yet, despite this 'evil' move - which was mentioned at the next Tribal in front of the jury, I believe - never nets Taro any negative consequences. On the flip side, there are a few instances where *the wrong character* gets blamed for something that they had little choice for. For example, Dustin being blamed by Sylvia for Brandi playing her idol on him to save him. Maybe it's in her character, but it still felt really unfair and pointless. And considering it was more or less resolved afterward, it felt awfully pointless.

Which brings me to my next point. There are a multitude of scenes in this season that felt pointless, as in they didn't influence any later events or were resolved pretty much immediately. Two examples come to mind - Dustin and Sylvia's fight in part 2 of the double boot - they began working together again almost right away, and Dustin turned on her at F4 for reasons completely unrelated. The other is - I bring up again because I still can't wrap my head around it - when Sylvia told Taro she was targeting him. Given how that episode's targets ended up being Brandi and Zach, and the names that Sylvia brought up were Leah and Taro (eventually crossing off Taro), all that comic served to do was eliminate Sylvia as a winner contender, derail her character and arguably make her out to be one of the stupidest players ever.

On a more positive note, you outdid yourself again visually. The character designs, the environment, and the effects looked amazing. I didn't think there could be a bigger difference between season 1 and season 14, well like every prediction I've made this season I was wrong again. Really well done :)

Also, the cast. There was a dud or two, but the cast as a whole all brought something and I loved the vast majority of them at some point in time. I soured on some, and some grew on me over time, but it was an amazing cast. Well done.

Sorry for being mostly negative in this review. There were a couple glaring issues that I had with the season that I wanted to mention. I still enjoyed the season for the most part, and I'm looking forward to SFC16 :)

Edit after reading notes: That did clear up some things, thanks. It didn't erase my problems with the season, but it did explain some. So thanks for that btw.
@Tailslover13: And that's totally fair. I was just explaining my point :)

Nah, I'm pretty sure it's been explained by now. I can see that, I'm just not a big fan.

I agree. I actually think Ky would've been a more satisfying winner (provided he was toned down a bit) because, while there are more interesting ways to win than challengewhoring one's way to the end, I would be able to say that he was in danger but still stayed positive despite that and be happy. Plus if a lot of Sylvia's dumb moments didn't happen *cough* telling Taro she was targeting him *cough* it would've been close between them and either would've been a good winner.

I disagree about Dustin having no good winnable traits, but we've been here so I'll leave it at that XD

I mean, it's too late now, but someone, anyone, catching on to how good a game he was playing. Which I guess did happen at F4, when he poisoned everyone... then somebody - Shaega, I guess? - grilling him about it at FTC. Maybe someone could mention that he never really made any moves (as the ones he made, he deliberately let others take the credit). I'd do that, to start. But, true, there isn't much you can do without giving him a single vote throughout the game and still having him get all the jury votes.

I mean, we had to have a perfect winner eventually, and there are far worse candidates than Taro :P
@Tailslover13: I think you're missing my point (and maybe anime's too? Not 100% sure if we're thinking the same thing). The point I'm trying to make, and my problem with the season is far more meta. It's less so a dig at Taro's game, and more at some of the writing. That's a huge difference between SFC and the show, and it's both SFC's greatest strength and greatest weakness: SFC is fiction.

On one hand, it allows SWSU more creative freedom and allows him to experiment with stuff like powers, or meta-abilities like Eli, or the pairs from SFC14 (your mileage may vary on whether they were good, either way the fact remains that they were new and interesting in some form). On the other hand, it restricts SWSU in having to maintain our suspension of disbelief - it's way easier for the story of the season to lose us if too much unrealistic stuff happens and characters get by scot-free for things they should be punished for.

Survivor has the advantage that no matter who wins, no matter how easy it was for them to win or how much they got away with, we can believe that it *would* happen because it *did* happen. We can just say it was stuff that was left out of the edit or something. It might be boring, it might be unlikable, but suspension of disbelief isn't an issue for the show. Whether it's JT or Cochran or Jeremy, they won IRL - you can have a problem with the season or winner, but in the end you can't blame anyone for it, because it happened, period.

Basically, SFC has the responsibility to explain what happens in a believable way and 'be realistic,' if you get what I'm trying to say. Have you ever read or watched something in which the protagonist doesn't face any adversity and gets away with a lot of things? It's boring, pretty annoying, and most of all unsatisfying, right? That's, to an extent, Taro to some of us (although I'll give you that there's someone else this season who was faaaar worse). Taro's never been in danger outside of the F4, and at that point he poisons everyone to win immunity and the jury completely forgives him for it. I wouldn't have nearly as much of an issue with him if at least one jury member grilled him over it. But they didn't, at all. On a related note, this is why people still liked Shaega after he fucked with the challenge - as a direct result of his villainy, people stopped wanting to work with him and began targeting him.

I hope that adequately explains why I and probably some others aren't a fan of Taro getting the first perfect win. I don't really have a problem with him as a winner even, and while I like Dustin I realize that there's a good reason for him to lose :P but I feel like he hasn't had enough go wrong for him this season to have earned that perfect win. And even so, I wouldn't find it satisfying. I want to stress that I'm not even trying to change your opinion, just explain mine. Taro's likable. I don't blame you for liking him because of that at all. I just personally need more to justify somebody winning.

This was longer than I intended. *TL;DR: SFC needs to be realistic. Taro getting a perfect win after barely facing any adversity isn't realistic, and IMO isn't satisfying.*
@dat4yc: I agree with him here. Taro has not had any direct opposition to his game. That's boring, at least in my opinion. It's hard to be satisfied with a winner if they barely had to do anything to win. Taro's issue is that he doesn't have flaws that he had to overcome, he's just more or less perfect (and the flaw he *did* have, weak physical strength, never mattered in the long run to his survival.

What's worse is that the one time Taro *did* face adversity, all he could do was poison the competition - which I wouldn't have had a problem with if he faced consequences for it. But he didn't. He got by scot-free and the jury loves him still.

Like, Shaega cheated too, but he got consequences for it. He became a target. People wanted him out. He didn't actually *leave*, but there was tension in that he *could've*. Taro does the same, everybody forgives him immediately.
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: so apparently nickelodeon created a documentary of me without my knowledge

and it's fucking amazing

there are so many levels of irony to this I can't even begin to comprehend any of this
@GaryHawkinsLandscaper: Lol i don't know what the fuck is the reference but I'm dying right now someone please help XD
@SWSU-Master: True @ both you and @day4yc. That makes enough sense.

Although to be fair you'd think she'd recognize that Shaega was his ally from early on as well. That, plus the fact that she's a threat and she had a much better shot at winning.

Although like I said it fits her character so it's fair enough.
"What started with 20, now rests at 3 men. ... tomorrow is when you win, you lose, or *you go home*."

>you go home

Also, last challenge wasn't Final Immunity. So idk what'll happen, but tomorrow's day 39 but there's still another vote.

Sylvia's so bitter wtf. You know, I guess it makes sense with her character but you'd think she'd also be pissed at Shaega and Taro but idk.
@Tailslover13: >he isn't winning ANYTHING

except most immunity challenges, even over the Supers
@ChronoAlone: I'm pretty sure his default expression is 'mildly pleased' and I don't think it's deviated much from that since the very beginning :P
@Guest: Actually I'm willing to bet that you're completely right about that. Taro's been pretty good at manipulating situations to his liking, so I gotta give him props for that.
@Tailslover13: True. Can't disagree with that. I still don't love Taro as much as some others who are still in but w/e. But would Shaega cheating Ky out of immunity and then giving him the necklace right before the vote have redeemed him in your eyes? Just curious.

I disagree about being happy no matter who leaves but that doesn't matter. Glad you're happy :) That's a net positive, right?
I'm just glad Dustin is safe, honestly <3

I guess I'd prefer Sylvia to leave, but I'm okay with either.
Rip.... idk, Shaega? I doubt it, honestly. Maybe a tie between him and either Sylvia or Dustin, with Shaega winning the tiebreaker.

Sylvia/Dustin (whoever survives) wins?
@ChronoAlone: That sucks :(

Hopefully posting it here can get it some more support than it otherwise would've got so good luck with that. Fans vs. Canons would probably pretty tough to pull off, especially for a first(?) fic, but I haven't made jack shit so what do I know.

Let me just say that if the DR rep ends up being Monokuma (or Teruteru) I will laugh my ass off because that would be hilarious :P
@ChronoAlone: There's a space in the link toward the end that's screwing it up I think.

Hoping for Jasmine or Owen / Yang / Ibuki to get in btw. Don't know the characters from the other sources though. Good luck with your fic :)
@ChronoAlone: Your link glitched a little bit there just so you know :)