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A Ferengi sandwich by any other name
Yes, this is part of the reason why I gave Worf such a ridiculously false last name "Worf-so-what" because that is another "secret" of his. Or rather his real identity is.

Forget photon torpedoes, we'll just shoot Worf at them and let him do lunch.
So, I kept thinking of what I wanted the comic to do and... well, I had a brain-fart. Until I started re-watching the early episodes and started figuring that I could put multiple episodes together...

...into something utterly ridiculous.

I think I'm going to have fun with this.
Yeah, I've had this one for a few months now. The idea, that is.

Honestly, I feared that it might be a little... I dunno, too much, for people. Myself, I find it hilarious. Not the political crap. Trust me, this is the last we'll see of the one who thinks he's ceiling-cat, and the one that looks like something basement-cat dragged in.

I also worried because, well, other than a little side-joke here and there, there really isn't much of a "comic" there...

...but as an INTERMISSION or distraction, "Sarlacc for President" is PERFECT!
I've had the idea of someone abusing an "agility" rule since I started having a sonic-the-hedgehog comic idea in my head. That is, it was going to feature Sonic-SatAM as having been a campaign previous to the comic itself and the DM having recently "patched" that particular loophole, the abuser thereof was not happy about it.

Which became even more hilarious when I thought about the Sonic-SatAM game itself as though it were a sequel to this one, and the DM just forgot to patch it this time!

I was going to do some kind of "so fast the doors are the only thing slowing me down" kind of joke, but I couldn't make it actually seem funny, so I scrapped it.

Yes, Worf dumped ALL of his skill-points into becoming faster than Superman.

BTW, don't mind the alt-text, nobody gets a brick joke when the brick is thrown, only when it comes back. Also, for the record, the "brick" refers to the last line of the page.

I should also mention. The title is about a parody vehicle I came up with once. You know those little plastic self-propelled cars that we put toddlers in? I came up with one that was bigger, it was HUGE on fuel-economy, complete with a V-60 engine... you heard me right, V-SIXTY! The pistons are really, REALLY tiny! And it has enough horsepower to get from zero to sixty... with a downhill slope of sufficient length. Everything else on the vehicle is made of plastic... somehow.

One last thing, YES, I know that's NOT Warf's actual last name, I couldn't at the time look it up and... I'll pull out some contrived crap later okay?!
Yeah, I was really running out of steam by this point. In my defense, all three of these were made the same day. One of these days, I'll post a pic of him without the speech-bubbles and just let people have at it, a sort of fill-in-your-own-text kinda thing.
Wrapping up the walls of text (kinda), I realized all too late that I ended on the same note that it started, with the weapons.

It is possible to use light focusing to a point to hold a particle in place. It should, theoretically, be possible to use that same tech (or similar) to use the beam to project the particle. Then all you have to do is multiply up to project many particles, and it gets even better if you can use the same beam of light multiple times.

I dunno, it sounded like it had equal parts "cool" and "plausible" so I'm either wrong and likely to get both crowds harping on me, or I'm right and they'll both remain silent.

That reminds me, I need to look up what kind of sun-tan lotion has a high enough SPF to protect against the heat of flame-wars.
I'm a FIM-fan, sue me.
Yeah, I'm a talker. I reused an old idea I had for shield tech. Technically it could be possible... but certainly not with today's tech. Plus I like to have an actual definition for what things are rather than just a "magic forcefield".

For the record, military grade shields often work with "plates" that have some overlap and can be shifted around, allowing for some areas to get multiple coverage and other areas to be easily opened so the shielded-ship can return fire at targets.

In Einsteinian physics, wormholes are... everywhere, they're just really, REALLY tiny, as in they'd need to be super-charged with a whole planet's worth of mass (as energy) in order to make them big enough to do anything with them. I figured this explanation made more sense than the actual canon.
Yeah, I made a couple of these to start out with, I'm putting it here to interrupt the otherwise text-heavy introduction to the ship. It's weird, you'd think as "spacy" as ST is supposed to be, there'd be more shots of the actual tech they were using.

This image is made all the more hilarious because those words "I forgive your blasphemy" are Q's exact words at that exact moment!
So yeah, I am still making these. I know this'll probably be a "sporadic" comic at best but still. I would also like to apologize, the next 3 pages are going to be a little... text heavy.
Yeah, I keep spelling "enterprise" with a Z. It'd help if Photoshop had a spellchecker.
Inspired by a scene where Q was turned mortal and had trouble convincing the Enterprise crew that he was telling the truth when Warf suggested that he simply die.

Though I expect updates to be sporadic, I will not give up making these comics until I finish the story.

Note, I usually prefer .png format but it appears that .jpg format uses fewer kb.
I've managed to play 1-6, "megaman and bass" and X1-4, is there a place where I can get a copy (cheap or free preferably) of mm7 and mm8 or otherwise get to play them?

I liked 6, at least, WHAT I liked about 6 was the return to somewhat more classical elements for four of the bosses.
Aw, but you guys were getting so close to the end!

And believe me, megaman5 is, in my opinion, much better. True, for me the bosses made no sense to me but whatever.

Of the various kinds of hiatuses, the "motivational hiatus" is probably the worst, you can never tell when or even IF it is going to come back.
Risking spoilers but yeah, also I'm not reading what anybody else posted, just what I do.

So one think I noticed is that the little mets do way less damage than the big guy, if you can avoid the big guy but get hit by the little ones, it'll not only activate the temporary invulnerability but also unfreeze from the.. er, freeze.

Also, megabuster will remain charged after getting hurt, that means that if you're keeping a charge and get hit, keep it until DM is vulnerable again (or just hit with your chosen weapon).

I keep close and then slide away (not under), why? Because he makes shorter jumps when you're close to him. That's another reason to get hit by the little mets, it gives you a very brief moment to slide THROUGH dm and get to the other side for very little damage.

This battle, when I do it, I do it against my hacked super-health (but no change to the AI) DM, as such, the only way for me to out-last him is to use an energy tank. Since you're facing a regular DM, I'd suggest using my old strategy against Cutman, die, respawn with full health, then use a regular pattern to defeat him. In this case, if you face DM with less than full health, the odds aren't very good.

That's all I can think of right now, to my knowledge the mets that spawn never leave any power-ups so you can't farm them.
Clipping error, or rather pixel error. This is like megaman's "foot trick" only working against you this time.
@ForestFire: That was the "fight final boss with NO ammo" part.
Ah, the rage-charge, a classic sign of playing the megaman-games. I suspect that, much like the stages of grief, it might have a set method of succession.

Begin level, take-damage, get frustrated, charge forward, take-MORE-damage, get MORE frustrated, waste-ammo-destroying-everything, fight final boss with NO ammo, die, repeat.
Yeah, I didn't want to mention the boss for fear of spoiler-deletion but... yeah. There are a few... tricks, I won't go into them, but mostly, this boss is just hard, not because he's hard to understand, but because he's so SIMPLE!

The "upgraded enemy" is a cheap trick but if done right... Yoshi's Island did it a couple of times IIRC, once magic-dude shrinks yoshi and a minor enemy EATS him and Yoshi has to fight his way out. Another time magic-dude upgrades a potted plant (there's a cheat where if you throw an egg right as you enter the room, you can kill the enemy before the upgrade, AND IT WORKS!) In both senses though, it's more than just "make him bigger" the attack style actually changes.

Then again, if this was just a "make my monster grow" then wouldn't the giant met be shooting at you as well?
I think I've always just called them "the blocks" or whatever. Anytime I can I look for a way to bypass them, I'm not really a good 'timing challenge' player and I find them at best annoying.