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She look different again...
ZOMG! Extreme plot twist revelation!
Why didnt i noticed you in the corner before.
You ve just lose votes from all socialist countries.
I dont see why this one shouldnt be in the book.
I was expecting some Excel moment....
Aw... shoot! So that is where happy meal come from.
lol! How can it be a queendom without any queen?
I think you should; just in case.
Yeah! It is; i was working on 4000-ish resolution so when i resize the picture; mishap happen.
I read it forward and backward; still funny!
The moral of the story is never hire big black evil shadow to be your kids' sitter
Is it too rush? Anyway; that is it peeps! Get ready for Quietus-Trinity. The story of Elesha and Fenrir.
There was suppose to have an outdoor fight where she show her ownage! May be in a longer story?

Note for handsome Evil shadow: Never mess with frustrated teenager
... the arm was still suppose to be chopped off by her when they do an explanation page(which i dont have).
...they will then leave the place when they encounted a new character(but having to introduce a new one this late is not a good ideal)...
the original ideal was that for Talia to pull the embryo from her mother and give it to the shadow...
Lol DBZ! This was not suppose to happen; but im short on pages.
'Be a good girl and go home!' was what i wanted to put.