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Crazy fangirl. Fangirling anime, yaoi, movies and pervy stuffs.
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Oh gosh, I'm like Aaron!! I'm Scandinavian, Swedish. And I'm not built for heat at all. We had one great day with sun and warmth, and I almost fainted XD So now I have like 4 sun hats XD
NO NO NO!! Not Zyan 's sad puppy eyes I'm gonna melt with tears!!
I have really missed this comic <3 And those two!
In my head this is happening: Dick gets pissed and starts to swing at Charlie, they scream. Aaron tries to help out. The screaming catch June's ears and he runs to check it out, and gets horrified when he see that Aaron is in danger. He throw himself at the fight, to protect Aaron. Dick hits June. Hard. Everyone freezes as June falls down unconscious. Aaron get beyond himself with fear and anger, Charlie tells Dick off screaming with Angie's help. After Dick realizes how bad the situation is he drives them all to the emergency (nothing really bad happens to June, just a scare). They all (everyone except Dick) get back home to eat cake and later that night Aaron makes sweet love to June... <3

I'm sorry, I have a messed up brain XD
@jazzremix: Always!! I'm so impressed by what you are doing! <3
GOOD JUNE!! Scratching that ass XD
Looking forward to this so much now! :D
Those claw marks <3
Poor Aaron, he looks so devastated... =/ But their feelings towards each others are so genuine and true <3
@Mccull61: I'm glad to hear that :) I'm a sucker for putting my OC's through hell and back... I guess. But I'm looking forward to read on about these two. (Ohh ad I love the daily updates, makes me jump out of bed each day to go and check out the next update ^^ )
I'm so looking forward to the new chapter! :D
This page is really cute and heart warming... <3
If I wrote this story, and the last pages was the same, AAron would be coming home to an empty house. June would be nowhere to find, Aaron would worry a bit, but time would pass and June would still be gone. Waiting and agony would grow and grow, until the cat and the friends started to look for June, and Aaron started to panic... June is dying and no where to find...
I hope you are not as asshole writer as I am... Poor poor June </3
Aiden in the bottom picture... he looks so handsome and strong. Love his eyes and sideburns <3
AARON!! You wake June with kisses and huggles right this moment!! XD
haha poor guy!! But having someone doing your hair IS a great feeling ;)
He looks so suspicious! <3I like this comic so much! Your art style is just so good! <3
Yes please tell him!! I want to know as well!! XD
June is handling the situation nicely. I think they will only grow together from this experience! And that "I love you" is so sweet... really sweet <3
@silverwolf019: Keep up your great work! It's lovely to get so many updates from you. A real treat!