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I vote Mirby punches her in the face.
Just on general principles.
Nice shirt!
Rhapsody of Fire's a good band. You checked out the reunion group, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody?
Screw Salock
Weaken Salock so Mirby can take her out. Then lock down the time spice for good.

The future can take care of itself. As a famous Jaffa once said, "Ours is the only reality of consequence."
Can't blame her, I wouldn't want to read his mind either.
@Guesticus: Given the last several pages, it was undoubtedly everybody EXCEPT the actual person on the throne.
@Ganurath: I'm actually reminded of a scene in the manga Black Lagoon where protagonists Revy and Rock walk in on Balalaika (the local Russian mafia boss lady, former VDV) taking a hand in editing porn videos, and complaining that her brain's about to melt after two hours.
@Guesticus: He's evidently so small that all he'd do is fall out.
Is that the first unmodified human to appear in this comic?
@Vulcan: Inbreeding would be my guess.
Well, Sarge...
One of you is covered in blood and carrying a baby, another only has one eye, and you're three meters tall with a zweihander.

I think that horse already left the barn.
Well, one thing's for sure
You have excellent taste in T-shirts. And metal.
Struck a nerve there, dincha?
I love the "WTF?" look on her face.