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I don't use this site anymore lol
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Really nice job! Creative idea, too!
I can't believe Mario was just Fartsquad this whole time
Did somebody just post a McFreakin' street sign in this McFreakin' spam dump in the year 2017
Aww, thanks! :D
Cool! Crazy Hand EX is especially neat :3
@plasma_knight303: Deep down, where I don't know, deep down inside, there's a place. Such a, sad, sad place. Sometimes it fills up, and fills up, and fills up, and overflows in my eyes. And all of me is, so sad. Such a, sad, sad place.

(That's a Michael Rosen poem)
I was going to write something meaningful here but then remembered the last person I considered my best friend treated me like trash and probably didn't actually like me at all. Don't do that to people who care about you.

In honor of this obscure and pointless holiday, here's what the lives of Naomi and Seiko were like before it was OUT! SCHOOL PRISON! Then they got strung up by the wall bars.
@Ecaroh914: Wait I thought she wasn't solid

I'm probably misremembering though :/
Am I having a stroke or did PCP just come back to post a meme he drew
Cool! I'd love to read it when it's started :3

I actually started playing Super Mario World yesterday, so it's funny to see this out of nowhere!
@Ecaroh914: I'd say it was worth it, though! It looks great!

Unrelated but I now have a tiny manga avatar. Yet another small step in my evolution.
Good idea, thanks!

Also ok
This is Dark Paladin from Yu-Gi-Oh. As you can see I made him red and kinda spooky. What do you guys think?
I'm fairly certain I know who posted this
@Guest: Are you Sachiko or something
Technically I know the context of this from the game, but I don't recall it looking this casual. Made this for my blog a lil while ago, but I decided to post it here because Plasma and the DELET Guest seem to like this sort of content.