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Hmm... what can I say about myself.

I am unique beyond all measure, I don't follow other people. I also thinks unicorns are deadly... what?! what do you think the horn is for, decoration?

you know what they say about the road less traveled...i'm not sure, but I planned to think of more original comics... and hope to havve some fun on the way!

current project: a kirby crossover!
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@RandomViewer : No, the actualy correct is zero squared, but the square sign is very rarely used by people. so most say it's 02 (zero-two)
@traca: Yeah, sure! I'll send you a PM link.
All remaining authors who has not been aproved yed, can finnaly submit sprites.

...also, i'm not dead yet.

removing this comic in more or less 24 hours.
Oh crap, now saito is the Dragon Born...
by the way, what happened to the showcase?, no comments about the brawl in the family refrence? sigh~ guess I'll have to save the day once again...
Pikachu, it's probably a pikachu... dang! how old is this girl?!
June 30th, 2011
man... I hate to be the recieving end of those attacks...
his name is hilbert, and yeah, holy crud!
Nice, I'm sycho again!
black and white... more addincting than you think...
you can really feel the redundancy in the last pannel...
What the f- Knuckles?!? ba- how?
Restricting his own daugter to protect her form being mauled by pokemon?! How dare he use common sense! It is unheard of I say...

and yes, I agree with all above
man, those plasma guys were extremely weird...

best pokemon antagonist team ever!
...your hair isn't outlined...
I just thought of something... isn't there a plot with cheren and heatran, after the league?
Man, guy must be really desperate, not that B isn't a vision of loveliness!