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Eclectic, Odd, Strange, Weird, Different, Freaky, Bizarre, Eccentric, Irrational, Insane, Interesting?, Unconventional, Nonconformist, Crazy, Unorthodox, and free to be completely me.
I like many things, and have a way with putting things until they stop making sense to anyone else...
I dress oddly, and like using big words that confuse people.
I'm pretty sure I would die without my sketchbook, and my favorite color is green.
My wall is covered in art, and I'm a bit of an insomniac.
I'm a fan of unicorns, and I don't think I'll ever truly fall in love.
Someday I want to own a shop and create art all day.
~Life is full of wonders and I hope to see a lot of it~
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I think the goose is my favorite character...
The goose's face though XD
I really love the goose's pose in the last panel
Well I suppose if you can't go down, the only choice is to go up then?
He seriously is adorable though.
I'm asexual and my mom said exactly the same thing.