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Hi. I like Pokemonn Mystery Dungeon(I came here for the comics) and most other Pokemon games and Halo and Zelda. Odd choice now that I think about it. Oh, and I like Dragons and trains!(Gets run over)
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Not what I meant by #LetCrysSleep2017, but it works.
Jesus Christ Crys. I'd ask you to do more but you're prolly about to collapse.
Go Crys! Fuck her up! Fuckin' DESTROY HER!

(Yes I am salty)
Well... Frick.
I... honestly don't know what to say. I thought about comparing Andy to Sigurd from Fire Emblem, but that'd just be in poor taste.
#DidCrysSleep2017 yet?
@HonorBoundFate: It might be one of the small liberties that Miizj took as far as the back story of this "iteration", for lack of a better term.
No Crys, you need to rest!

I will keep repeating this until it happens! #LetCrysSleep2017
So is Jet's unique ability to just spawn bowties whenever necessary?
@Zelkova: Or happy little Mewtwos.
Can I just say right quick that every fusion you've done that I've seen has been amazing!
Okay, why does Dygon look so cute. I mean seriously, look at that thing!
You know, Winona's right. At the very least, have someone with a decent move for various situations. Because there have been times in regular playthroughs where stray crits took out my sweeper.
And it looks like our Wingull friendo is about to wake up soon.
@Rune Knight: Yup. Gates to Infinity had you basically in a stump. And I think the houses in Serene Village in Super were trees too.
Yeah, while it was sad to see this end like this, I'd rather have an idea of the rest of the story and ending than nothing at all.

As far as the Let's Play's/potential Nuzlockes on YouTube, I honestly say go for it if you think it's a good idea. As someone who enjoys Nuzlockes but can never seem to finish them, it'd be nice. But it's all up to you.
Oh Arceus, now I'm worried about Gold's attempt...
Okay, who's gonna die.