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Well, lets start with my real name...Hi! My name is Denise, Deni for short and I am totally and hopelessly in love with Anime and Manga! ^w^ teehee, who isn't now-a-days!
I also like Yaoi and Yuri, but check it out Im totally strait...weird no? haha, but eh I live life.

My dream is to be a Manga Artist someday and I hope that I can got to Japan! Woot~

well I love music and movies and love to shop at little tokyo for all my Manga with my friends...hmmm I think this is all about me for now! Ciao!

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Okay, I am not a cry baby, but these last two pages had a tear stroll down my face. I love this comic! :D
T^T Man... Poor Clover... and Poor Monday! My heartaches for them!!!
kdsalksjdqpifj... <3

Clover... you are awesome you little slut!! <3
...alkshdlkshashf *nosebleed of death* <<<333 So...freakin'...AWESOME!

I must have your babies... NOW! XD
Your comic is defiantly Unique! I adore this sooo Much. Ariel looks super kawaii desu (hehehehe) On the second to last panel... *nodnod* BRAVA!!! Continue the GREAT work.
This comic... is just so FUCKING AMAZING! I adore it! Moar Please!! =3
Okay I wanted to let all of oyu know what I have decided to do so that when you continue reading the comic you won't get confused. I'm sorry for my lame panleing, I know I suck, but please bare with me...
Nooo!! not the kitty! Poor Diana! C'mon Chibiusa make a come back!!
Aww!! the fluff!! I love it!
YAY!!! It's back! where have you been!! T-T I have been waiting for this to be updated for months! OMG is that helios? I love your art!! Please update soon!
Happy Valentines Day to all.
A little late but something is better than nothing, right? Im suprised I even did anything since I hate Valentines day... *coughimbittercough* XD, but yeah...Well I thought since things are going a tad bit slow for this comic I'd give you guys some eye candy to love...I know I do!! Whoot~!

But yes I know I haven't updated in a while so I hope you all please stick around and don't kill me for my laziness...meh...Enjoy!
Thank you all for your comments. Im really glad that you like it. Im hoping to a new page soon so I hope you all stick around. XD
Thank you for all the favs! Im glad people are enjoying this so far...I thought I would be hated for all of eternity for making Naruto a girl...teehee, or dressed in drag. But yes! I will post another page soon, so much love to all of you!!
Wow...The more I read this the more I come to love it! Great job! Gail is so kick ass! Keep it up, cause I want morrreee!! X3
Wow! I finished this and man it was good!

I absolutley love Yaoi, but I think there needs to be a lot more Yuri too... I liked that you all did this. I started my own Yuri comic here on smackjeeves called "Love shine" (...a GL between 3 girls.(Woot!! 3 way relationship!) teehee my very first <3 =^^=

But enough of me. Great job guys! Great comic! Keep it up!!