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Hehe. You wish.
@zenat: Yeah, I agree on both accounts. But still, even if it influences a 1% inside the mind of a strategist to overcome his hostility (towards orlesians, and later wardens), and think on a bigger picture...
@Nelira: And when Riordan reveals why Grey Wardens are necessary, I thought that maybe if Loghain knew why they are important, then perhaps he may had a better opinion of them, and may have reconsidered the betrayal. But perhaps is a flimsy reason, and it's what I thought at the moment.
I like Loghain too. Hell even before reading the books I found him interesting. So make it four fans :D
To quote the very first comic.
@iamOne: And manly. He is manly.
@zenat: That it does. Well if you ever own it you could check the nexus for portraits and such.Oh and if you have the version 1.2(or lesser) make sure to patch it, since in a certain place you get stuck and can't get out, wich gets quite frustrating. :(
This is a message directed to zenat and anyone interested in games like Baldur's Gate: Play Pillars of Eternity!

Have a fun trip to Stokholm.
It's because his expressions are too subtle for unenlightened beings.