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I've just recently realized that the only way for your comic to be popular on SmackJeeves is for it to be either a manga, a stolen video game sprite comic, or even a gay comic.
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Aww, I hate tumblr. :( Sorry to hear you're leaving SmackJeeves.
How the hell long have I been too lazy to login to SJ and check in on the SS updates?! I've got some SERIOUS catching up to do!
Maybe you should be drawing. :P
Aw gee . . . why do I get the feeling that Lucy and Nikki are going to end up becoming an item and Sare's gonna get crapped on again? Like somebody else said, I'm hoping that's not what's going to happen; Sare and Lucy was just getting interesting!
If I hadn't said this before, I have to say that . . . Lucy's got some legs on her! :o)
I saw someone noticed the lady in the row behind on the left winked in the last panel, but I wonder if anyone else noticed the man and woman next to her switched seats? XD
Oh man, where is this going to go? I'm so hooked now! I love how awkward the situation is becoming: Sarah is trying so hard not to be completely direct and explicit in what she says to Lucy, meanwhile I honestly can't tell if Lucy is stringing her along and humoring her, or if she's actually somewhat oblivious to Sarah's feelings for her. Either way, I'm still in Shipper On Deck mode for these two right now, I can't wait to see how this turns out.

And, heh, I like Emily Blunt too. :)
Ermahgerd, Sarah and Lucy together again, at last! I don't know if I mentioned this before, but Lucy looks fantastic, there's something about her appearance that just automatically conveys a sweetness about her that just makes her seem radiant - no wonder Sarah's got the irresistables for her! And haw! Throwback! That really was Lucy who left that note in the store window! I don't remember if I mentioned this before, but even though the comic originally focused on Sarah and Janey's relationship, I guess I'm becoming a Shipper On Deck for Sarah and Lucy; I'd hate to be disappointed (and for Sarah to face another heartbreak), but again, I detect a sincerity about Lucy that makes her seem like she could be perfect for Sarah, and vice-versa.

Heh, I can't remember the last time I was so hooked on the direction the plot was taking, and I've been reading the comic off and on since about December 2007 or so. Really looking forward to more!
The looks on Sarah's face in these panels are just priceless. XD

But using her like that, that es no buenos!
Three words: I! KNEW! IT!

I saw this coming from ten miles away. The only difference this time is Sarah's dancing with Janey as opposed to dancing with Gerry to get back at her for not dancing with her.

I know Sarah still has feelings for Janey, that's understandable, but this is just more evidence that apparently Janey's not very good at letting go of her exes, let alone being considerate of the feelings of her current lovers. Tsk. Tsk.

I smell fire...
Deja vu!
@jonathan: Interesting. You know, I seem to recall an episode of M*A*S*H where Radar mentioned something about their units of whole blood being so old that they weren't supposed to use it after that.

I am curious though: you said that there are twelve blood types? I'm only familiar with eight (A+, A-, B+, B-, AB+, AB-, O+, and O-), what are the other four? They must be incredibly rare.
Janey always resurfaces in Sarah's life... but then again, I've noticed that's been a common plot device in fiction, lol.

I'm sure I've said this before, but I understand one's first love is always the hardest to get over, so I can see how Sarah is now able to look past the hurt and hatred and remember the good memories she has of Janey, and I know they did have a lot of good times together; still, we do have to admit that once Stacey caused Janey's accident, her relationship with Sarah was never quite the same after that. I get a sense that both still love each other (maybe not in love), and I bet deep down Sarah probably wishes they were still together, but I can't really imagine Janey remaining 100% faithful to Sarah, and that would cause even more heartache.

I honestly never even know what to expect anymore... the way Janey keeps popping up, I almost imagine that one of these days this comic will end with Sarah and Janey putting aside their differences and living happily ever after... but that's so tired and cliche, and this comic has a bit more true-to-lifeness to it, so I kind of doubt that would happen. At the same time, I really wish we could see some kind of development between Sarah and Lucy, but again, realistically, the chances of that actually happening are pretty slim. Either way, I'm always guessing and wondering, so I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds in store for Sarah.

Like the current vacation setting, by the way. I'm American, but much of my ancestors came from Scotland, so yeah.
Yeah, when I kept hearing people talk about this Robbie Williams guy, I kept telling them, "His name is Robin Williams." I wasn't aware this Robbie Williams person, whoever he is, was an entirely different person.

Hate that Robin Williams is gone, though. :(
Y'know... I honestly had a feeling she was gonna miss Lucy by that much. :P

Too bad. Lucy looked wonderful in her jogging outfit.
The turn of events are really interesting.

As far as Janey goes, I can understand Sarah's frustrations: they say you never quite completely get over your first real love, and it's clear that Sarah hasn't completely gotten over Janey. Someone commented recently, and I think I mentioned the same thing, ever since Janey's incident with the bus, she was never quite the same, and as a result, neither was her relationship with Sarah. I like how Janey somehow keeps coming back into the picture, just furthering Sarah's frustrations... reminds me a little of that M*A*S*H episode where Hawkeye's ex-fiance just happened to be transfered to the 4077th.

As for Lucy, admittedly, to find out she wasn't working at the store anymore was quite a buzzkill. As someone pointed out though, there's either a continuity error, because she said she worked there for two years, though the other lady said she was only filling in for her while she was in the hospital, or the other lady was in the hospital for a looong time (which isn't entirely impossible). Since it was such a brief encounter, I have a feeling that Sarah may get over her a little easier and quicker than Janey, but I do feel Sarah's current disappointment. I know Gerry's trying to help, but I personally disagree with most people's form of helping: whenever a friend is getting over a loved one, people's first instinct seems to be trying to hook them up with someone else to try and help them forget said loved one, but I find that only makes the situation worse.

Just my two cents worth. I may getting a little too invested in the story, perhaps, lol.
So has this comic been discontinued? No new ones in 2 years?
@Joanamosi: Oh. I'm sorry. -_-

Don't worry, there's someone out there for you.
Getting caught up, this is turning interesting. I remember not too long ago, I took a shine to a waitress at a restaurant I visited a couple of weeks in a row (it was conveniently located for a quick bite), and got the same waitress both times; she was really, really cute, and I was hoping to see her again when I dropped by for another bite a couple of months later, but she wasn't working there that evening. I also later found out that she already had a boyfriend, and he impregnated her. So much for that. :p

But, to review on catching up with the plot, it's too bad that not only Sarah and Janey split, but Janey seemed to get over and move on really, really quickly... then again, looking back, Sarah and Janey's relationship never really seemed the same ever since Stacy caused her bus accident. Wonder how Sarah and Lucy may work out?
Maybe I missed something, but I thought you had a boyfriend. Oh well, that last line gave me a big laugh (sorry).