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Joa, Dylan's right, ya know. Dylan, .. Joa doesn't have a reflection smh LOL. Ahh, sweet babies. <3

Dylan - coach so good, he'll guide you through life AND death!
And now, back on topic:

JOA YOU'RE BREAKING MY HEART ;-; God I love him so much, I completely understand his pain, it's natural for him to react this way, but gawd I feel so bad about that sweet baby. Comfort him, Dylan, make him feel better, you're the only one who can!! Also, the blood tears are drawn beautifully ...
@boiseboo: Heyy, uh. Minus the fact that your story seems absolutely absurd to me, I'd like to ask a serious question about your uh ... your job as a critic. So, uh ... You're in 9th grade. You have absolutely no knowledge of art criticism, haven't made webcomics yourself (you say you're writing a book but with that spelling I've no idea where it's going, plus making comics does not equal making books, it's a completely different thing, works a different way so writing a book doesn't give you the needed knowledge to professionally criticize a comic) and you're apparently doing this only because your father ... uh ... forced (??) you to do it, and because it's a family business? Listen, bud. I don't know what the hell is happening in your family, but it ain't a family business if your dad's paying y'all. I understand if you got paid from another company or whatever, but ... Oh yeah, and also, you're in 9th grade. 9th grade. I'm gonna repeat it again because I don't believe it myself. 9th grade. How the hell does one become a professional critic in 9th grade? Your dad paying you (if that's even true) to write comments on the internet isn't criticism. Just ... I can't even begin to list what's wrong with the story you just told all of us.

Sigh. Because I don't want to seem like a complete jerk, I'm gonna say this. First. Grow up. Graduate high school, get into college, get a degree of some sort. Your dad can pay you to mow the lawn for all I care. Just don't ... humiliate yourself like this, man. Just don't. Grow up first, study that, learn how to be a professional critic, then OFFER your criticism to artists, don't just SHOVE it in their face whenever you please because your daddy supposedly paid you to do that and your mom was in the business too and your sister, I don't even know what the deal with her was. But yeah. Take it slow. Learn the basics. Then offer your services. That is all. Have a good day.
My girlfriend watches YoI and she absolutely adores it xD
If Bailey can resist THAT look and voice, then he's got some serious balls. Blue balls. Ha!
I can relate to this page on a very personal level.
Both of them are SO adorable <3 <3 <3
How is this rude? Is it rude to be concerned for someone and encourage them to talk about their problems when they have trouble doing so? Man, what has this world come to.
Oh my gosh Bailey is so cute <3
Oh my goodness, Brynn. I just want to hug him so bad. My cute babe ;-;
Wonderful update <3
Happy early birthday, dear !
Oh my God I think I just fell in love with Dr. Yueh. Like, REAL LEGIT LOVE.
OMG I love this so much ;-; <3
Hehe, I did NOT expect that! Nice job, Anni, for trolling us good <3
Also, it would be so damn funny if the bird suddenly develops a crush on Gannet XDD
If it's about the scar, I think I know how it happened. I mean, a scar is only natural when a flirty man is trying to hit on another man, who is guarded by a very territorial cat lol
That or Mark is going to hit him with the controller.