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I can definitively say there will be at least one page more. On account I've seen it. It's what led me here, in fact.
Is this like... reverse petting?
Actually, it's probably more like, "Hi there, So Fucking Drunk."
That makes more sense now...
and then there's the tufted titmouse
(also a bird:
...and not even realize it.
he must have left them in the teapot
Wow. Dat alt text.
Raining on parades
There's no way they're Atty and George from the future, unless they also had their memories wiped. Which, I suppose, could be possible. But it's starting to get convoluted.

Also, there's clearly SOMETHING in that sleeve. It doesn't look like a normal arm though. Maybe he's double-jointed. Or maybe it's a prosthetic. Or he's missing just his forearm.
Turned him metal?
February 28th, 2011
All right
Break out the worm-riding hooks, and bring on the EPIC.