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I make comics. Duh.
How much could he eat...? ...seeing as 90% of his body is eyes and mouth, I can't see him having too huge of a stomach...
Insult like a Cowell, swear like a Ramsay.
And now I'm excited about the comic.

Quite excited. *eerie music*
A gold jewel in a sea of webcomics. I hope to see more, this looks great.
Rush has gone...!


Curse you Chaos 66642. Curse you for stealing my reference. XP
I didn't rage.

Yay. I won. Good. My whole self esteem was riding on the fact that I wasn't going to get angry... if I did, I might have killed myself. XP
Haha... Universe Calisthenics.
Haha, that's funny. Kinda pointless if you've read the actual comic, but it means more than just that. Youtube exposure, tests, and it's just pain fun is my guess. I give you a 10.
I envy your art, which isn't much of a compliment. *looks at this own pitiful art* >.>... But a compliment nonetheless.

Great work so far though. I empathize your plight where pages just seem to be so infrequent that it's at the potential of dying. Fortunately, you have good reasons to do so. I don't. XP

My advice is that you need to don't stop believing, and hold on to that fe-eli-ing. You've got what it takes, that's for certain.

This comment means absolutely nothing.
Oh man, these last few have made me laugh. These are classic jokes.
I love this page more than anyone can possibly love a piece of art.
Oh, that's cute... REALLY cute.

Of course, was it implied that he learned yoshi before daddy?
Tezzle said it all.

Awesome. XD
Just sent my entry in, 19 minutes before the deadline ends in my timezone! Yes!

Hooray for Procrastination!
Ah ah ah!

....that's begging the question, Hex.
The pen is mightier than the sword. long as it's not out of ink.
Hahaha! =D

Maybe the shock people get from seeing his uniform gives him an advantage when he's shooting down rebels...
The god of the future or Prophecy?

Or just an over-publicized Hollywood librarian?
They were the antidote to another poison?