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My trade is Multimedia and Design.
I fancy myself a story teller.
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    Mazi (Mah-zee) Akil H.
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Im really really sorry
Long story short ... My Scanner is dead and I don't have the money to replace it. Since it is important to the way I do things, I am going to have to find a new way. So the bad news is that MBN is postponed for now. The good news is that my new comic project will be starting soon Probably sometime in the next few days. So don't give up on me just yet, I am confident the few of you who still read this comic will like what I have in store for the other one. If I miraculously am able to fix the scanner myself, I WILL update it. I have several pages already made and ready to go. *sigh* I know this is usually the sign of a dead comic, and I really don't want to do this to you guys, so just bare with me until I get the new one in order. Look for Project XEREBUS coming soon!
Sorry this page was a bit rushed, and I am still a bit over my deadline. Next one will be better! I swear!
About time
Okay now everyone is about to throw into the mix.
Sorry this was so late, I wasn't feeling it today, but I still produced a decent page regardless (In my humble opinion.) Have a happy 4th, for those of you who celebrate it!
A heads up.
Well... as a heads up; As we being to reach our climax. I plan on taking a break from My Blue Noir and opening up a total cheezecake (Monsters, babes and violence) comic to improve my skills further. When it finally gets started I hope you will join me over there. In the meantime I am happy with this page, all that hard work is starting to pay off and I am seeing some improvements.
Okay I had maybe a little too much fun with some subtle outakes.
It all goes ape-s#!t from here.
Yup, "the suck" begins here.
Now that you mention it.
hmmm I might have to think of a costume redesign in the future. Or i will just give her a few more.. It will take a while to decide.
A quick sketch of pino ... Yes we will be getting to how she gets her scars real soon.
Well here we go, another page, and we are starting to build to the climax for this chapter. Don't worry .. there is PLENTY of fun to be had real soon.
I totally approve of where this is going.
The Sketchbook .. Alice
The Sketchbook is just a place for all the teaser pics, designs and other stuff I want to share with you. IT IS NOT a filler chapter NOR will it detract from the main comic. It is just meant to wet your appetite for improvements and story elements to come.
Back to Basics
So here we go, I went back to what I loved doing in the first place. I hope it shows. We still have 11 pages to go before we get to the "awesome stuff."
I have done some research here and there and now have a better idea of the format. Using a workspace this small makes the comic much more claustrophobic and "cozy." Borrowing from the concept of single panel comics and picture books. So that should be much more consistent from now on. Art-style to follow shortly.
This page was an experimentation in combining Photoshop and Illustrator. I am currently looking at/for artist who can make artwork look "professionally messy" ... What I mean by that is, I want fin rolemodels who make it fun to look at loose artwork, that way I can learn faster. That's what I want to do with this but have yet to find "it." Anyway the plot will develop in the next two pages or so.

And yes I do realize it looks like Jack and Dorothy are in a pepto-bismol room.
In color!
So I am switching method now ... I hated my shaky hand so I have taken to fighting with vector based programs to smooth and sharpen things up. Im reading a butt-ton of tutorials so I can get this the way I like it. The cool thing is that it is much easier to produce color pages now.
Time to introduce (on the next page) the final character of the "heroic" main cast. Piper's comment about Pino is true, but there is (of course) more to it than that.
Moving Along
I'm slowing the pace down a little bit.. Just a FYI: the first chapter is supposed to be around 30 pages long. At the end of all of that I should have not only picked out an art-style but the character designs should be more solidified as well. This is more of a prelude chapter so it is really chaotic artistically. My apologies.