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Hi! Call me Crys or Crystal! It's not my real name, but it is a nickname that I like. I like anime, Pokemon, and a whole bunch or other video games. I also like to read, write, and draw. I currently live in the Midwest, which means I get to deal with crazy weather. I am also currently in college, majoring in mathematics education with no declared minor. I love learning languages, and can currently speak English, some French (duolingo says I'm 30% fluent), and a little Japanese. I am trying to learn German and Spanish. Ja ne!
"Unrealistically high?"
There's no way it's an "unrealistically high number of queer and trans characters." Honestly, it makes sense to me. When I was younger, one of my friends came out as trans. It was almost like that one friend coming out helped all of us come out, because before the next week started everyone in the group had come out. Literally nobody in that group was cisgender/heterosexual. It was kind of funny, to be honest.
I'm excited to see the reworked chapters! Take as long as you need.
Have fun with the eclipse! My family and I are going to see it as well. Hopefully it won't be cloudy!
Nothing like the kiss happened to me, but I was made fun of from 5th or 6th grade up until 12th grade because people thought a boy liked me. We were friends, but it's not like we hung out all the time or anything. Honestly, they were grasping at straws, because I was so quiet that nobody that disliked me knew anything about me.
"Look out, he's got a nose!!!" *gunshot noises*

It's from one of the asdf movies incase anyone was wondering.
You're so pretty! I'm like Ky(lie) and when I am male I can only pass as pre-teen. Honestly though, this is an awesome series and I wish I had found it sooner! Me and my friends are a lot like Rain and her friends, but maybe more confusing? We've got someone who came out as trans-male but currently goes as non-binary, me, the confusing pansexual genderfluid(?) one, my friend, the female straight one who is dating the non-binary one, an asexual person (and I think heteromantic), and a bisexual person who may or may not be homoromantic. Also my other gay friend. Yep.
@TechGamer5: Umm, don't you mean overprotective sister mode?
I like to think I'd be a gym leader... but probably the very first one who is super easy to beat. Yep, that one win I have against my brother does wonders for my self esteem.
@Pokemontrainergigi: That's really similar, but not quite right. I'll see if I can find it and post a picture.
Wait... What?
Okay, I swear a had a toy like this as a child. Like less blue glowing stuff but still really similar. Was that just me? Nobody else had a toy like this?
January 14th, 2017
Is it just me or does his right hand look a little... off?
Rowlett and trainer
Am I the only one that noticed that if you choose the girl with the lightest hair and skin her hair and shorts match with Rowlett's feathers? I thought that was really cool.
These are what I think the nicknames are:
Pidgeot- Zephyr
Ampharos- Peppercorn
Flygon- Durne
Sylveon- Vix
Glaceon- Glacia
Rapidash- Blitz