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I read this while you were making it, and I loved it then (despite having never played Inquisition). Now, I have played /and/ romanced Cullen, so I reread this, and it made me love it even more <3. As usual, your art is amazing!!!
The hair does look awesome, by the way. Good job ^_^
Very happy to see that you're back ^_^!
The "i" is missing from innocent =o
Welcome back!
Well, Tink was wrong about one thing: Wendy does not sleep like a slob.
I will admit, I don't hate Link like everyone else seems to XD
Believe me, I don't think he deserves Tonomi's forgiveness yet, but at least he regrets his mistake, unlike some people. I don't think they should get back together, but give Link a chance as a likable character since we don't even know all that much about him yet other than the fact that he cheated on his girlfriend that he obviously still cares for.