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I'm a pretty normal girl who is computer iliterate....oh well....

Most of my stories are serious ones.
Unfortunetly i did not inherit a funny side though i do enjoy humor.

my free time is usually spent drawing, reading, playing video games or watching youtube....

I got my first tablet and i'm so excited to use it from now on :P
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    Cassie U.
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December 31st, 2010
Happy new year :3
Giant Cotton Ball!!!! <3
December 17th, 2010

Just wanted to try it. I realize i suck at coloring but if i don't practice i won't get any better. No particular reason why this page. Might do the next one as well. Just reading some Batman and thought i'd give it a shot. A friend got me Allstar Batman and Robin. Penciled by Jim Lee (OMG he's amazing!) colored by Alex Sinclaire (who inspired me to try coloring :3)


@MayelV : I'm glad you like it :D
Using big words and sentences works to confuse most children. I use it all the time :P lol

So adorable!
The original plotline for all the games is a classic but i love this fresh look and story :)

Plus, as mentioned before, everything is super cute :3 stalks...
December 9th, 2010
You have a great action scenes and sense of anatomy :) I'll be watching you now O.O
Leap is not a sound effect i know :P
just thought it looked cool

Also. Back to screentones :)

@PureSnowBird : :3 I was really happy (and quite shocked myself) how it came out! Thanks!
Hey look! An update :)

A new style for the page. just trying new stuff out.
Chapter 1 cover :)

Uploading during school is harder than i first calculated. I'm sorry :( i don't know when i'll get a chance to upload pages week by week again. But there is only 3 more weeks till winter break so maybe then.
It's midterms. Enough said. I gotta work on my cat drawings i just realized. lol. See ya after everything calms down and we can finally start Chapter 1! :)


@pucha : Thank you :3
End of prologue. Yay! :) Page is kinda rushed though...

Now it's time for homework. Ugh. so much homework and so little sleep....I just hope i'll be able to go to bed by atleast 3 in the morninig :(


@MayelIV: I like your philosophy better. lol
Eyes stare into soul!!!

I hope you can tell what's going on in the last's a loose floorboard just in case.

Almost through the Prologue!


@MayeIV : Merci :)

@Lugbzurg : More like Bastet the egyptian god of the cats :3 But Shadowcat is awesome. I love x-men :D

@skystears : :3
More angry mob silhouettes. This time they're all bald. O.o Lack of detail ftw.

P.s. Bioshock Infinite looks A-MAZ-ING!

Update on Monday again. This could become a pattern...haha


@MayeIV : It's just not her day is it?

@Lugbzurg : lol
September 20th, 2010
AWWWW! the yawning face is adorable :3 The wording is a little off though.
Run Away!!!!

Sorry about not updating yesterday. Just got back to college and there was lots of unpacking to do.... and now classes have offically started so i'll do the best i can :)


@MayeIV : Was that a Despicable me reference? :3 You're awesome! lol
September 9th, 2010
What a hottie :3
I really like how this page turned out :D I was surprised myself. haha

only 4-5 pages of prologue left i'm estimating. Turned out to be long huh? Sry...

@ MayeIV : :( unfortunately
A little late at night i know but i was reading HP and the deathly hallows all day. OMG! It's now refreshed in my mind! I <3 it so much! So Happy :P

Anyways. About the page. It's kinda cramped . I feel that it could have been split into 2 pgs.(first 3 panels and last 3) but i wanna get through the prologue...pretty happy with it otherwise :)


@Hunterkirizaki : ACK! OMG! Thank you. I never was any good with grammar. Gosh that's embarassing....

@MayeIV : very scary >.< That's my favorite pannel as well :)

@Lugbzurg : should work now. It just takes some time :)

@NtKGar : TWO mistakes on one page. Now that's a record. Thanks man. I'll get around to changing that....
OMG!!! MERLIN!!! I love that show! Colin Morgan is so awesome. Waiting for Season 3 <3

I always look forward to your updates. It's usually the first thing i check if it's up :)
Hugs :3

It's a bit blurier than i expected but oh well.


@angelbliss : XD I <3 kitties

@ miniminilena : and sparkle

@ MayeIV : :D

@Lugbzurg : I can understand how that might come off wrong. She's saying she doesn't want her last memory of Luna to be of her crying face.