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Steampunk King
Obviously I like steampunk stuff. I like fantasy. I draw a lot. I like Sprint(Sprite soda with a different name for copyright reasons XD). I like Legend of Zelda, I watch a lot of NerdCubed, Hat Films, Mithzan Productions, and other gaming channels on YouTube. A friend of mine on Smack Jeeves is The_Ender. I'm the concept artist for Hailstone Studios, but with some added YouTube gaming and animation, and I'm making a webcomic or two on this site. I'll update comics by adding a chapter every month or two once they become "active."
Ah, but they were followed. Crap. Death approaches, place your bets
Um, I can't see it. I forgot about this site for a while, and now that I'm back, I can't see the pictures. I don't know if that's just this comic or all of them. It was working when I came back a few days ago
Those could be drugged berries! Or stolen goods! Or some other possibly illegal thing!
But what are they smuggling? Some sort of anti-depressant drug made from Cheri Berries?
Staring contest anyone?
@Flamelight7: it only explodes if you try to destroy it.
It's a magic book that only opens to me, and changes its contents to give me advice for the future. Also it'll make this big burst of light if you try to destroy it.
Always refer to a woman as "miss" instead of "ma'am." I've been told many times that it makes them feel old. And NEVER say "madam," that's the worst one.
@Malc Modnar: I don't quite know, but I would think it would have to do with age, maturity, and power/physical ability.
There are spider Pokemon that I forget the name of in the top of the first and second panels. They're adorable
The first panel is my wallpaper now. Beautiful!
Damn! Old man zoarark is savage!
I knew the bastard was suspicious!
There are a lot of names having to do with Greek and Roman myth
Show 'em the book Leon!
That sword is so poorly designed. The guard is the wrong way around! She's gonna lose a hand! All you can do is cut or stab with the end of it. And there's no way in hell to parry with it!
@Mystic Fire: if he doesn't kill himself first