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i left

- axel
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    dead man
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save blue naruto
the prophecy fortold it!!!!!!!
this place is dead
but by posting this i guess it makes it less deader. but still kinda dead.

rest in rip
comic got hax may not come back

here's a farewell comic just in case
that is pretty much the exact opposite of grape juice. a solid ocean of pain

Also the comic looks fine, your style looks pretty cool in a program that's not paint.
a wild update appeared
Was in the middle of clearing out my photoshop files until I discovered a two-thirds-done comic for this. So I finished it off for uploading.

Enjoy, because i don't even know when we're next updating
@TheUltraDeino: yeah pretty much
lol this comic is dead
( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)
Lapras + Sharpedo + Swellow + Grumpig.

you may now applaud
Requested by the pokemon randomizer, which suggested Gengar and Metang. So I tried to come up with something based on that.

I may have cheated a little as I used Metagross and Magnezone for this as well, but the end result is better off because of it I think.
Just a quick comic thing, which also helps to establish these guys' names. Because I left that out of the first comic. =p

Also, that's a real tweetle account and i totally didn't make it just to fit the comic
@Duncanderek12345: not really =p
Kind of rushed but I got this done at last. This comic is probably way more complicated than it needs to be. Especially in those first few panels. Yeesh.

Anyway, Hash, or Hashtag, is the main dude who's gonna be running this world. The blank void we see here has other areas I should probably show in the comic when I'm less tired.
sup yo
place is kind of dead
finally an update
i got a sudden surge of motivation to add onto aacian, so here we go. new comic.

I might do the next one later, since I still have ideas for what happens after. I just didn't want to cram too much into one page, it's long enough as it is. :I