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you got this i believe in you
November 7th, 2018
i've never related to a character more
i literally sobbed in front of a professor yesterday lol
July 21st, 2018
Welcome back!
May 10th, 2018
Good bye hair, say good bye to my love
AoH is 3 years old! Well technically it was 3 on April 30th, but it took 4 days to make this because I decided to put in a background... my main weakness lol

Thank you to everyone is waiting so patiently for the start of the AoH rework. Currently I have a basic plot written out for the first couple of chapters and I've played around with different scenarios for the first chapter. Starting something at the beginning is always the worst.
To keep you guys tided over until then, I will most likely upload my 8 page comic from my manga class from this semester. It's not Allister or Rhys related, but hopefully you will like it.
Also to anyone who is still reading: would you be interested if I created a discord group for AoH? It could be a nice place for people curious about asexuality, the comic, or for those who just want to hang out. Let me know in the comments <3
This is not the end of AoH. AoH is still near and dear to my heart, I just want to represent these characters better with a coherent story that is more focused on LGBTQA+ and relationships. Asexuality in the older version is definitely a part of it, but sometimes I felt as tho I was only using asexuality as a means to motivate the main character. For example: to make him try to get Al to like him /despite/ Al being asexual. I don’t want asexuality to be viewed as something you have to ‘overcome’. Asexuality and some of the anxieties/confusions about it is definitely a factor that will be in Allister and Rhys's relationship, but I don't want to be seen as a barrier. Sometimes it may feel that way, for both the asexual person and the non-asexual person, but I don't want the story to make asexuality come across that way all the time (only at dramatic purposes to make people suffer). To wrap up: AoH will stop updating. I am going to take the next few months to storyboard and create the first chapter of the new version and hopefully start uploading something in late Summer or early Fall. I apologize for getting any hopes up and for ending updates at the beginning of a chapter.

I hope you all will enjoy the newer version when it is released later this year.
@Rei_: ahah at last someone caught it lol
sorry for the long waits in between updates
i hope you'll enjoy allister's sisters lol

follow my twitter for sneak peeks at the rewrite:
just a quick officialish cut-in to tell you all that I'm currently rewriting AoH. Don't worry, I am still going to be posting updates for chapter 3 bc I already came back and can't really stop at the beginning of the new chapter lol

If you want to see more doodles of the AoH redo you can check out my twitter:
@NeuroticSoulGobbler: I look forward to it
October 21st, 2017
that room took forever rip my hand from 2 weeks ago

yes he is playing overwatch

next time: meet one of allister's sisters
Finally had time to finish this and the first page (that will go up next weekend) bc we were told to stay indoors thanks to the typhoon that's passing by this weekend. attempted harsh lighting for Emphasis and idk?? i cant color lighting very well lol
AoH will probably update sporadically from here on out.

This chapter will deal with some anxieties felt by an asexual in a relationship with a non-asexual. I don't want to screw up representing this so I will take longer in between updates so I can be as accurate as I can be. I have only experienced the anxieties and failed to overcome them so I'm not quite sure how to conclude this chapter. If there are any asexual readers in relationships who have managed to pass the first wave of anxieties who would be willing to give me some inspirations, that would be very helpful lol
Sorry for the wait and hopefully you will relate to this chapter
October 12th, 2017
is this bc ned asked if he was "a romantic"
Guest comic by kippydraw
Check out their comic here:

thanks for more ace jokes in the form of swear words i'm living :')

(btw this is the last guest comic I've been sent. I will still be on hiatus for a while, so if anyone still wants to send in comics I will gladly take them!)
Want to submit a guest comic? Contact me at bluebrownie46@gmail!
Guest comic by: Claire

ace puns are the greatest pros to being asexual

Thank you Claire for your #relatable joke material! You definitely aced this one ;D
Want to submit a guest comic? Contact me at bluebrownie46@gmail!
Next page: he has a cold
July 21st, 2017
i dont think he should bring random people to the selkies to keep them safe or something
Guest comic by RoroCries
(Maine is her character)

A link to her comic How About No?:

When I read this I died a little bc wow I wanted Rhys to confess ;;
Roro knows how to torment me TToTT
Want to submit a guest comic? Contact me at bluebrownie46@gmail!
Guest comic by Mysticus Freeze


A message from Mysticus: I had written the original thank you before adding the art of the comic but I wanted to add one more to my boyfriend because I was so close to dropping this so many times as well as deleting it but thanks to you I could finish it. As well as all my friends who have always accepted me for who I am and for supporting thus comic

A big thanks to Mysticus for writing such a wonderful PSA! Hopefully this makes asexuality easier to understand!
Want to submit a guest comic? Contact me at bluebrownie46@gmail!
@everyone who thought this would be just fluff: you do not know me ;D
@at everyone who thought allister actually wants rhys after his ass: you do remember that this is an asexual character correct?? he does not want that

next chapter will be dealing with all sorts of asexual insecurities

this ends chapter 3. I will be going on hiatus to write the next chapter and to prepare for my study abroad. I don't know when I'll come off hiatus since I'll be abroad at the end of August. Starting Sunday there will be weekly guest comics. They'll keep you alive after this cliff hanger, they're so cute <3. If you still want to submit one you're welcome to! They will keep the comic alive during this hiatus which may last until the end of September-end of October (I don't know what my schedule will be like once I'm in Japan). I will try to start updating asap