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Hi im ham and I plan on making comics ~eventually~
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Woo!! Glad to see this update!
and Zeke looks really cute in the second panel :D
Avis's look in the last panel is like a silent plea for help. like "i can't believe i'm actually climbing up some weird-arse stairs in the middle of nowhere with these clowns. someone please help me and wake me up from this nightmare" lmfao

also Rodney kinda had that shove coming. Stairs are for climbing... not STAIRing
@uh: (made an account oop) Heterochromia is when someone's eyes are different colors in the iris. (Like one eye might be green and the other might be brown-- that's an example of complete heterochromia.)
Central heterochromia though is when the eyes are two different colors, but only around the pupil! :3