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I like voice acting writing and drawing I watch lots of anime and play video games my favorite food is spaghetti my favored anime is trigun
Beelzebub it the funniest manga I've ever read. Puell magi madoka Magic is evil. And d-grayman drives me insane. But Beelzebub makes me hit my head with my iPad because it's so stupid I love it. I just love triguns story.
I love horror rpg games. I can sing I'm musically talented but I'm to lazy to learn an instrument. I can't dance. I like to climb.
I work hard at things I like and fool people into thinking I'm not lazy but I am a master of procrastination
Wow this is getting to be way to long anyway I'm a creative person bye
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    Rosalyn Walker
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Long time no see.
Wow it has been a while. I've been working on a lot of things, when really I should just focus on one project. Until now ive done all the pages on my ipad, but I graduated several moths ago so I had to turn my ipad in. This is the first page done on my phone.
@malektorche: Like Barry from archer
@HopelessSpirit: As someone who lives in Texas and has done so their whole life, I find it funny that anyone from Texas says yee-haw unironicly. This is coming from someone whose speech is messed up beyond recognition.
March 28th, 2019
The Improper uniform bothers me. She is supposed to be wearing a vest under, although many uniforms have the vest as part of the shirt. This is just standard safety for a regular officer, but I understand that in this comic its not about functionality. How else will we get to se her beautiful body curves.
Never mind I didn’t see the little etches of grass. I’ve been waiting a lot of horror movies. My mind went to Nevada because the gas station reminded me of the one from the hills have eyes. Goo movie though.
Unless he’s near El Paso Texas isn’t really a sandy desert. It is part of the Great Plains after all, only difference is instead of fields of lushes grass. It is just fields and fields of dead yellow grass. I always think when Dr. Seuss was writing about grinkle grass he was referring to the grass we have here.
I came here because I am a Texan.
I really appreciate that you always reply to whatever random thought comes to my brain that I type up.
Probably was suffocating in his pillow. That will give you weird dreams.
Wtf!? Is he ascending? Ha ha ha ha
Also this is now my third favorite hero of all time. My first being cash the stampede from trigun. My second being wander from wander over yonder and now forgive me for giving him this cheesy name, save the world man.
Well that was quick
This is exactly what I was talking about. The root of the problem is unsatisfaction, always wanting more.
All he needs is o do is punch a guy in the stomach for staring at him too much.
Holly shight he is black mask!
Dame don't have a stroke back mask he he he. I want a live action batsman movie with black mask. Under the red hood just isn't enough.
As much as I want to defend the artist. Yes many people spend a lot of time on art but I say the population of artist is split. Half of the artist in the world try their damist, while the other half couldn't give a flying fuck or only spend time on the art they want to do. making their requests awful. I'm a bit of both. I'm one of those people who are like "I work when inspiration hits" which is a terrible way to do things. Good thing I have a wacky imagination because inspiration hits me often. Once I start it doesn't stop, spilling into multiple days until I'm almost done. Then wait. Inspiration gone how the hell do I finish working.