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Weelll... I've been drawing for alot of years, I think 5? or 6? I'm not as good as alot of people here as I'm only 14.. But I think I'm pretty good. And I need my sister's digicam to put up my comics because I don't have a scanner.. *cries*

Ooh!! I like to read and sing too!! But mostly read. :P I've read so many books but the sad part is I don't live near a library and my mom doesn't approve of me reading.. And some schools only let you check out like 4 books!! D:< Oh, I don't have adobe. As much as I wish I did. But even if I did I'd probably only use it for splash pages. I'm lazy like that. ^^

And I have sooo many other comics I want to start. ><... Such as:

Jack & Gill- A comic about a murderous duo nicknamed Jack & Gill, but others are competing for the title...

Kanon's Hell- So, what would you do if it turned out your best friend is dead?... And what else would you do if she suddenly turned into a zombie, and she brought you down with her to Hell?
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HECKS YES I'D LIKE TO SEE IT!! :D Auuughh, Layne's hair is so freakin' PRETTY!!! I just wanna.... Braid it...
Oooohh.. Is something in there, EATING THE INNOCENT TOWNSFOLK?!.. Sorry, I've been watching too many zombie movies. =_=
I LOVE KALE'S FACE! It's so... Epic.. Aww, and I love when people draw night skies, it makes me happy and warm.
I love Honoka's hair.. SO FREAKIN' MUCH!!
Wow, I LIKE Kale's hair.. I have no idea, but it looks puffy but soft... I WANT TO PLAY WITH IT...
That card is like magic. XD It just opens up doors to places where people are being killed or tortured.. ^^
I love Kaze's face in the middle panel. It's inspiring..
Holy crap, that is true. Wow, you just found a loophole in drawing body parts. :D Make the person a doll and you can mess with they're body all you want.
XD Lumi always has the most interesting outfits whenever she pops up to eat people or do whatever else she enjoys doing. ^^
Holy crap.. This is so amazing! How do you make all this and make it so clean and intricate and pretty??! :D
Ooh, In a weird way, Gail's kinda like a philosopher. :D Or something of the same sorts.
XD I was thinking of 28 days later when I saw this page as well... Whenever I hear the word 'infected' it pops in my head...

BUT SERIOUSLY HOW THE HECK DO YOU THINK OF SUCH AMAZING IDEAS?!?.. Limbs falling off, that would be amusing if it wasn't so painful... If it is painful.

Wow, I feel really bad for that lady. D: And that other lady looks like she wants to either eat her alive or steal her... Hair?.. o_o I'm really bad at commenting.
Oh jeez.. I keep forgetting to go on the computer and end up missing everything.
But seriously, wow. You're pages are so freakin' amazing. ^^ Hah, his shirt reminds me of a Moo-cow.
Bwahaha, I'm surprised Kaze hasn't bitten off Kale's fingers by now. :) I can imagine him doing that whenever he gets a chance.
OH CRAP... I-I've missed so many pages... WHEN DID YOU POST ALL THOSE PAGES?? HOW DID I MISS THEM?! From now on, I'll make sure to never go all comatose again. Ooh, I really like this picture. I miss things too much for that. In an interesting way, it's so friggin' awesome.
Wow, they're so... Anatomically correct. :D And pretty. And cool. And I really feel like drawing on their faces or braiding they're hair or something similar to that.. ^^
What?! Kale, you crazy kid, her smile's not disgusting, just sadistic. :D
Awww... Well that is just plain adorable... :D Haha, that dollie's smile looks strangely cute and creepy. Either that or the killer smilies have made me paranoid.