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@EleanorA: I'm hoping it's on paper, so when people visit they have something to read in the smallest room (reading something uplifting while your bowels move is very much an English thing).

Janey looks very much like my girlfriend, who is an Afrikaner from near Cape Town. She was getting grief from officious officials at the aeroport, so I waded in and got involved, and we shared a taxi back together. We've been together ever since.

Would I have got involved if she didn't look like Janey? Probably not, I have to admit.

I think from this you can understand why Janey is my favourite S_S character!

She has longer hair, and if there was a way of attaching a pic to a post, I'd send you one. The resemblance is striking.

I hope when Sky says 'publication' she means paper, but I have the entire archive as .pdf's if that's what you prefer. It's a webcomic but the author still has copyright so if I send the whole archive to you as a CD (copyright is is implicit even when it's not explicit), she's still entitled to payment for her work. For me to send you th archive as a Cd without recognising the author is theft.
@skyangel: So what happens next? Do we get a Xmas special like Jane Blonde, or are you going to take a good long (and well-deserved) break?

I used to follow a good dozen webcomics but either they fell by the wayside, moved into hentai/softporn, or just got repetitive and boring. Now there are only two that have remained consistently interesting, innovative and good, and yours is one of them. I'll miss my weekly fix of Simply Sarah, but hey everyone needs a holiday.

(The other one is 'My Pet Succubus' by Carlos G., which is very different, but appeals to my sense of humour. I.e., warped.) (-:

If we don't see you again for a few weeks, happy Hanukkah and a prosperous New Year!


Oh I missed the bit about publication. Do you mean real paper? What are you expecting it to cost?

Oh and... I have a colour laser printer so if you are only anticipating a short print run I can print the whole lot for you, but if you expect to sell more than 1000 copies a commercial printer is a better bet.

Can I pre-order mine now?
Girl's not girls in frame 5.

I'm always a bit amused when I have to tell English people how to read and write English.

In frame 4 Nikki looks a lot like a former UK Prime Minister from the town where I live. I think you can guess which one.

When you come back after your really nice long break, can you make your wings more realistic? If you want to fly, you need much, much bigger wings than that. Your flight instructor will fit you with wings to fit your size an weight, but even if you are a petite female you're looking at 4m wingspan, and that's an absolute minimum.

If Janey is back, you really are ending on a cliff-hanger!
@Lordcholmondlywarner: It's not going away. Skyangel has done other comics in the past (Cathy, Jane Blonde) and will in the future. She just needs to take a break for a few weeks, breathe in deeply,and get some new ideas.

Cathy was about atheism, and Jane Blonde was a James Bond spoof, sh he has a lot more arrows to her bow than girl-on-girl relationships.

I don't know what to expect, but I expect her next comic will not be what I expect! (-:
@ohanyname!: Sorry, I was in a silly mood yesterday, and fingers hit keyboard before brain was engaged, I hope you weren't offended. I really hope Sarah and Janey get back together, Janey should have recovered from her brain damage by now.

I kept a diary after I tripped over my flip-flops at the top of the stairs and put my head through a glass door. I do not recommend this on a regular basis. By now Janey should realise that her Scottish bint is not for her and will return the her first and true love.

You created an interesting character in Lucy, but now she's with whats-her-name, the one who hardly speaks, who's Sarah going to go with?

Lucy has the same sense of humour that I do. You know, warped. Is she drawn from life?
@skyangel: as this is a comic about girls who like girls, who's she going to be on top of?
Janey is sometimes right-handed, sometimes left-handed (if you're a leftie you notice these things). Sare is consistently right-handed.
@skyangel: the whole of Mad magazine is available as a DVD-ROM. It's not expensive. If you don't have a DVD-ROM drive, these aren't expensive either.
@Karlijn: A typical six-frames has about 100 words... OK, if you don't I and my kids will, but it'll be Afrikaans, not Dutch.

Skyangel: We can do Afrikaans, Italian and Yiddish, and my kids are rapidly coming up to speed in the kind of French that kids speak, not Academie Francaise French.

Go multi-lingual on the follow-up to S_S!
@Karlijn: Karlijn, my vriendin is 'n Afrikaner. Wil jy belangstel om 'n Nederlandse / Afrikaanse vertaling van wat ook al die hemelangel te doen?

Hehe, Google vertaal 'skyangel' in Afrikaans!


If you don't speak Afrikaans, 'Hemel' is 'heaven or 'sky' and angel is angel. I was really amused that Google translate made 'skyangel into 'hemelangel'

@Fruitbat44: Janey was brain-damaged because she was pushed under a moving vehicle. That was years ago. She should be fine by now.
Does this mean we're going to see Janey again? She was one of my favourite S_S characters!

If the timeline of the comic is real-time, she will probably be totally recovered from her brain damage by now. Brain damage causes erratic behaviour, and mood swings, but the brain does re-programme itself; there are scars which show up on a brain scan which will never go away, but, you know, life goes on.
@skyangel: if you want a follow up to Simply Sarah, but need a storyline, I could put Alisha on a train to you. She's albina, and therefore functionally blind, and her story starts with 'I was born in a Palestinian refugee camp' and gets more eventful from that moment on. The sad thing is that she'll never see the comic you draw, she can just about tell light from dark. What is even sadder is that she doesn't know how beautiful she is.

She can use a white stick but, when they're not at school, she prefers a twin. Who can bring the North Circular to a screeching halt so she can cross the road.

It's usually male lorry drivers who look like the shaven-headed unsympathetic types in Simply Sarah who jump out of their cabs and help my twins help Alisha across the road. The twins can actually do this quite well by themselves, but the help is appreciated.

Alisha isn't my girlfriend, she's just a friend, but she's really pretty. You might consider her as a model. She's in Lincoln. Three stops on the train from you, change at Newark. Albinos are a bit like alabaster sculptures. White all over, sightless eyes, but these ones will give you a hug and ask you for a gin and tonic.
Marriage at Sea
One of the obscure rights of being an AKC is that you can marry people at sea in the absence or incapacitation of the Captain. He's going to be conveniently unavailable when off the Lincolnshire coast I say:

'Do you, Christine, take this woman, Sandra, to be your wife, to have and to hold, till death you do part?

I think there'll be tears. Of joy!
@kidcthulhu: I find real life strange enough not to feel the need for fantasy, superstition, religion etc. I wouldn't call myself 'society as a whole' but I do have a problem with some fantasies, such as Scientology, which I think is definitely harmful.

If you want to fantasise about something that seems completely counter to all the logic you ever knew, borrow a book from the library about quantum mechanics! The first one you should borrow should have lots of pictures and not many equations - even if maths is or was your best subject. Even simple concepts like quantum tunnelling can be really maddeningly counter-intuitive to start off with!

If you then decide that Science is Wonderful, then you won't be the first person who has abandoned webcomics for Science - came to an end when Arienna followed my advice and gave up waitressing and webcomics and became a Civil Engineer. A loss to webcomics, maybe, but as many of them were about her lack of self-confidence, I'm sure that our loss is her gain! This also shows that artists and Scientists aren't different creatures - both are creative activities.
I'm a tiny bit confused because Carlingford isn't in Essex, it's in Ireland, just south of the border. It's only a little village, but Carlingford Lough is named after it, and most people have heard of that.

Do you think you will do another nine-year-long epic when Simply Sarah finishes, or shorter stuff like Cathy (which I thought was the best thing you ever did, but then as an atheist I would) or Funny short stuff like Jane Blonde?

Carlos G. is terminating My Pet Succubus, which means that from the couple of dozen Webcomics I used to follow, there will soon be none. I might have to start mine up again (it was called Gloomsk, and was a parody of living in Minsk, Belarus) but then I became the parent of twins and do you know just how much of your time and attention they take? I still have the lightbox and pens/brushes/ink and stuff.
1) I have a shitload of instrumentals from the 1960s onward, mostly on vinyl. We swapped e-mails a looong time back so you should be able to contact me, and e-mail me with a physical address (to protect your privacy, this could be your place of work, or even better 'Poste Restante' and a named post office - this means you go up to the counter with some form of ID and collect the item - you don't even have to give a name because you could give me something identifiable but untraceable like your National Insurance number); I'll burn a sample as FLACs to a CD-Audio (these will play in most car CD players) and you can choose which ones you want to hear more of.

Because we speak so many languages in my household, we tend to listen to a lot of instrumentals. Sometimes multiple languages can be useful because if you say something stupid or nasty in a moment of temper you can always blame it on a linguistic misunderstanding, but music is a universal language. It also makes the twins shut up for a while so they listen.

2) Panic attacks may be all in the mind but they are serious nonetheless. I was in a supermarket recently and a woman was having breathing difficulties so I called over an employee who I knew personally and she took one look and called a first aider. He took one look and called an ambulance, she was going blue in the face by now. A paramedic gave her gas and oxygen, then a sedative, and she was right as rain.

The NHS recognise this (what if she'd had a panic attack while driving?) but the public at large don't. I, as a layman, would certainly have not considered her panic attack as 'just playing for attention' - she was seriously ill - but that's how it's often portrayed.
I had to go to a funeral in Essex (my cousin. Sad, so young. She was only 80. But then she was a heavy smoker.)

Woah, a sea of redheads. Straight and curly, every age from the pram to white-threads-in-the-red.

Their parents were Welsh mother and Irish father.

If you want redheaded models around Rayleigh, go to Halstead. They're mostly my second cousins.

The lamented deceased had three husbands, 11 children and I don't think her grands can be counted. A lot of them turned up. Some of them can't even speak English. They're all red.
Well, now that is wrapping up: when this started, my kids weren't even born. They are now 7 (they're twins).

They have grown up with this comic.

They have grown up with the idea that some girls like girls. So what? They don't have a problem with this. As long as it's not them. They're a bit too young for that yet.

You can enjoy art without seeing it as only sexual.
@Lordcholmondlywarner: Skyangel has done other webcomics, Cathy was my favourite: there was also Jane Blonde, which was a very tongue-in-cheek James Bond spoof. There may be a pause, but I hope she'll be back with something, maybe later this year, maybe a bit lighter.