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Dman. That sucks. D:
Well, crap.
Hey, you used "it" instead of "is" when Vic said "Dr. Bernt it always right".

Annie is still adorable by the way.
Just here to say that Alexis and Elisa are still adorable.
Damn. Catherine's a b****, ain't she? Poor Alexis...
Wow, Julie saw through her! Hope things will be ok between Alexis and Julie after this realization....
to be fair
vic's father does at least seem to be getting over it. he looks like he's trying to get over annie being trans even though he's accidentally offending her.

or he's just acting nice and is still a douchebag and i'm giving the guy the benefit of the doubt. still, the simple fact that he's even engaging in small talk with her seems to be a sign of progress.
Why is Alexis so ADORABLE? squeeeeeee
Oh hey, looks like Mr Cadance might actually not be a pushover in court after all. Let's hope he stays that way!