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Update 8/30/17: I know I haven't been updating my comic. I finished school and I'm a nurse now.
Nice! The animation looks amazing!
Welcome back!
Thank you for the update! I always look forward to reading your webcomic. :)
Awesome! That hat looks so spiffy! I can't wait for more. :)
Hahaha! Loving everyone's facial expressions in the last panel.
Beautiful use of colors for the sky. :3
I don't know if this was intentional or not but the city looks almost like a certain someone's mask...except that the circle is in the center of the city :3
Very beautiful sky in the background. :3
So it's kind of like who came first the chicken or the egg?
Happy Monday, here's a page!
Ohhh. Snow! 8D
Thank you for putting up with my 7 month long absence. *sits in corner of shame*
Can't sleep.
I'd buy 'em. I'd buy 'em all.
I just starting reading your comic yesterday and it is beautiful and fun! Thank you for the update. :3
Yaaay! Thank you for updating 83
rawr imma eat you
I just started my summer term and work. But I have lots of free time since I only have 2 classes.


I've just been playing Spiral Knights and TF2 lately.