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like horse,dog and cats
I work
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to you
how does pup do when leave
tell if leave puppy get lone get shirt that dont like mind give to pup and put in pup bed

but has be one that least has your smell on it
and reason tell this it work for on dog when she was pupy
to me page look good
least u got page to work
February 15th, 2017
the new comic
it does not work
wonder what will happen
they need go to his brother and ask what is happen if he know
well i was not thinking about fish because had had stiche on brain because think of step dad not know any disney thing
the back
it has the leo and stiches back
i mean from stiches
i love the puppy
it funny
should have made dress black and red
May 15th, 2015
not gotton loose me I like this comic
I been waiting one I best favorite
to you
i know how feel it hard to lose companion like that my dog sweetie pass that home on her bed and mad sad
i like the comic and it march here so hope doing more of this comic
March 2nd, 2015
love them all
I love other comic