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Can't wait to read more! More importantly, welcome back!! I'm already trying to theorize what's going on here xD
This is just my opinion/theory, but... I imagine immortality has changed him. I think he doesn't know that Ash/Völsung doesn't remember him, at least not fully, and the King is in denial? Having loved and waited for someone to come back to life—not knowing if they would really come back at all—and hoping they'd be the same as before would drive anyone mad.
I imagine he doesn't want to let go, doesn't want to lose what they had. But in this case, he needs to.
Was Aelodas this mad/yandere-ish before the war started and all that?
Am I the only one who noticed his phone went from 85% to 8%?? wHAT HAPPENED LUKE LOL
I vote on both the brothers to win *v* <3
February 13th, 2015
I hope Hisato knows how to swim... o,o