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@Shard: Then I’ll just yell louder!

@Shard: @shadowknight19100: To bad. It sounds like an awesome idea of how to wake her up/inspire her to continue fighting. With screen shot of the different comments cheering her on and such. Though I guess at the same time it would be a bit of jumping the shark.
*sees Aware has an updated*
*sees Kèt about to die*
Oh shit!

Are you switching between different wifi’s and cellular data? Because it does that to me when I do that.
@artofjoe: Are you serious? The great fairy on death mountain tells you to go to the one near Hyrule castle and Darunia tells you to go to the one on death mountain.
@Erik Warhammer: sometime in the comics future:

Blairs mom: Did you get the milk Blair? It seems that you've been gone for ten thousand years.
A Vary Favourable Development.

(Sorry I’ve been watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix and have developed a habit of saying VFD sentences.)
@JimLad: “Why do I draw these things”

'Cause this is thriller!
Thriller night!
@Shard That’s the Dead Sea (or Sea of Eden depending on which timeline you’re in). The Dead Sea is where a time crash is condensed and contained. The Sea of Eden is where a group of scientists from the future monitor the different timelines and conduct time experiments (which lead to the time crash in the other timeline).
How about this place for world 25:
Welp she’s dead
Worse than destroyed? Well there’s only one thing that I can think of that’s worse than being destroyed.

It’s a world that’s crashed.

If it’s destroyed then it no longer exists, it’s quick and painless. Being destroyed is merciful in the long run.

Crashed is being stuck out of phase, between existence and non existent. Devoid of the energy to maintain itself but unable to die. Able to support life but holds not so much as a microb. A baron wasteland of ruins and echoes of what the word once was.
So is that an actual song that sheik’s playing or...
@Shard: I guess ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ .

Also possible spoilers but how about this as an ending:

Ket/RP Ket: Fusion Ha!
Only the ones who don't think anything of hurtin' others are the ones who get blood-stained fortunes. -Kid, Chrono Cross
October 14th, 2018
I knew we’d see a return of the gender swap drink. I was just a few pages off.