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@TheBoiWhoComments: If you want to, as long as you give credit to the comic. Also, updates for this comic are rather scarce, I should say...
So a lot has happened recently. I got to show off my artwork at a small event, and now I've got a couple of commissions to work on, so I haven't been able to work on new pages for the comic. However, after all that is said and done, I will be sure to make more pages. In the meantime, here's a new one!
Those are some good questions, Sonic.
Sonic has ascended, ladies and gentleman.
If only they tried PASSWORD...
I mean, Robotnik does have a point. Get it? Point? Pointy fingers? Alright...

EDIT: Now that I look at it, 'boom' is probably not the best sound effect to use here. Might be changed later on, after I'm done with the chapter.

Good news, everyone! For the first time in a long time, I actually do have multiple updates planned for this week. Don't know if it'll stick, but you can look forward to a new page on Thursday.
One more page before the term ends. Maybe over the break, things will be a bit more busy.

A Temporary Truce
Either the robots are all defeated or they're patiently waiting for Tails and Knuckles to be done with their conversation. You decide.
Ugh, A fight scene... In a sprite comic... Just what I'm sure everyone wanted...
Oh no... We have a fight scene coming up. A spriter's worst nightmare...

Yeah, it's certainly been awhile. Fall term ended on a good note and now I've got a little more time to devote to the comic, so hopefully I can get a couple of updates out before year's end and Winter term starts.
I'm not gonna say it! Forget it! Finito! Fat chance! Not gonna happen! Nope! Nuh uh! Never!


Hammer time.
@Ultizeta: Thanks for the suggestion! Looking back at the older ones, they sort of did look like stickers slapped onto a background. Still need to go back and edit the rest of the old pages...
I know you couldn't spin-dash between the robot's legs in Sonic 2, but, hey, this ain't a video game!

Also, major credit to Dolphman for the Genesis/Mega Drive-styled Sonic Mania Death Egg Robot. That was a mouthful... 3067/
@Xypter: I'm not really looking for any new sprites right now, but I can tell you that most of the characters I'm using here are made by the Mod. Gen Project Team, and they can easily be found on Spriters Resource. Besides that, the backgrounds are borrowed from the Genesis games (mostly), also found on Spriters Resource.

I don't really have anything custom-made, if that's what you're asking for.
@Xypter: Late reply... I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it. I wish I could get updates out a bit more often, but... Life.

Right now, the story is pretty straightforward (being mostly based on the Genesis games), so the writing aspect is pretty simple. Later, once I move into the more original and story-driven arcs, more planning will certainly be needed so as to keep things from getting too complicated or tonally out of place, especially since I'm the only writer. I am not looking forward to writing Shadow...
@Ultizeta: Right? Could've been something like Titanic Egg or Egg Colossus...
Whoa! Sound effects? That's new.

Yeah, I've sort of been distracted by video games recently: South Park: The Fractured but Whole (which is hilarious), Super Mario Odyssey (which is fantastic), and Sonic Forces (which is... okay).

Anyway, yeah, here comes the Death Egg Robot. A battle for the ages is about to commence, which means more work for me. Yay.
Never read Bob and George. First sprite comic I ever looked at, really, was Two Evil Scientists, right here on SJ.
Will the two make it out of this alive? Probably.

(Yay! An update that didn't take several weeks to finish!)