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So Suicune is inside the Espeon one, and I suppose Entei is inside the Umbreon One, because it was stated by Celebi "Where is that Thunder Demon?" Wich means Entei is there.
That leaves us with two questions:
Who is inside the other kimono girls? One is Raikou, and the others?
Why is Celebi so hilarious? Is like the best Celebi I've ever seen. Best chara ever. Really want to see him again.
Keep up the good work, this is fantastic.
Ilarious how Ivysaur says "you will punch god in the face" and the next moment an Arceus out of nowhere attacks the tower.

P.S. Sorry for the english, I'm Italian
This page is great!
And Zapdos threw a bolt? I'm schocked.
I read the whole story in three days. Awesome! I loved the Sky part, and it's really sad that it was actually the one which failed. Anyway, I'm liking this part. Soooo... well, I will wait for the next part.

Sorry for the shitty english, I'm Italian
I found a new level of cuteness
Wait, did I actually reach the actual point? Wow. Anyway, I will wait for the next upload
YEEEES! Finally!
Can't believe I'm reading this but oh, I'm so happy! And I would be even more happy if WESTON DIDN'T SUICIDE!
Anyway, happy to read this, hope we won't wait another year to read the next part.

(Sorry for the english, I'm Italian)