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@Meta-Akira: ghetsis's secret is revealed: he recruited the entire weasley family
Cheren the walking dictionary just can't resist defining things. It's why he only has three friends.
@BonesxPC: i can just picture him shuffling around in his living room, waiting for his soap operas.
Nothing gets me going like a rousing speech from an old man in a bathrobe.
Oh boy... words! Thanks for making us read, Ghetsis.
Who's THIS tool? And why is his snuggie so hard to draw? Is the plot actually moving? Find out next time on True Strength!
Heeeeeey, guess who's finally getting back on track? Sorry, guys! I know this has been my excuse a lot lately, but life is crazy! Though now that I've gotten a good grasp on my school schedule, I think I'll do better! Expect updates on Mondays now!

Anyway, looks like someone's finally thinking outside the glory-hungry box.
Last year’s Christmas card from Nuvema. It’s hard when your best friends are both pretty girls and your grandchildren-obsessed mom can’t help but notice.

Merry Christmas!
So every now and then, I'll be uploading certain extras! One of those extras will be excerpts from Cheren's personal sketchbook! He draws a lot of the people and Pokemon he meets in order to study them (and write his opinions on them.)

This time around, it's Corsair!
Hey, an update! Sorry! Work got crazy, Sun and Moon happened... You know the drill.

Anyway, the Nuzlocke Forum Extravaganza is going on and Other Adventures are eligible this year, so my comic is in the running for Best Protagonist, as well as a few other categories! Nominations end tomorrow, so I'd be really excited if you guys wanted to nominate my comic for anything! Go and nominate all your favorite Pokemon comics!
@Guest: that's actually N's Purrloin! we'll meet him soon enough.
@Critic: in working on my script, I've learned that he's a very difficult character to write, but VERY fun. I like him.
@HarrisonButterGem: oh, there will be a battle with N, but not quite yet.
He's here. And those blank grey eyes are judging YOU. Yes, you. Specifically.
Sorry for the skipped page last week! I got incredibly sick, incredibly busy, and injured my drawing hand all on top of each other. Powering through it all, though!

Cover the eyes of the children! I don't know what's scarier... the blood or the attempted close-ups.
@Meta-Akira: keep count. this won't be the only pair he destroys over the course of the comic.
@Timothy: yes!! i'm glad you're excited! cheren's views on training and battling are very important to the central themes of this comic, so i'm glad you're picking up on the importance of it, haha!
@Guest: he is a sweet chubby boy... i'm so glad you like him <3
Corsair Vision is fun to draw.
Cheren seems pretty confident in his abilities to keep this from turning into a complete disaster. Fake it til you make it.