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Hey I’m doing comics now yay! I’m still learning how to draw so if you have any tips and stuff let me know. Enjoy!
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Also nice 4th wall break there
This page and the last were posted too close together for the real Stanley to be the one posting...
Very carefully. That’s how. Also he must be brave to brazenly tell his mom where his porn stash is lmao
At least we know he can be sneaky when he wants to. Then again he saw Adrian and was like oh hey idk this dude but I’m gonna say hi. I guess it’s circumstantial XD. I’m also wondering, is this a regular occurrence when he gets home from work? To yell “MOTHER!” as loud as he can when he gets home?
First page
WOO! First page guys! Hopefully this goes somewhere haha. I don’t care if 1 person or 100 people read this, I just hope someone does. Enjoy!
@5iveAM: yeah I've had that happen. I was keeping track of my progress on a word document when I somehow lost the last save on it. I was planning on having my character be upset because my second encounter in the Viridian forest was a pikachu and in Mt. Moon i wanted a paras and was like, oh that won't happen. first encounter was a paras and my squirtle gets it down to one more hit to get it into red but instead it crits it. and of course I encounter like 3 clefairies in there. I decided to start over because I was out of Mt. Moon and everything after Brock was gone. I started over but I may keep those parts in for comedic effect
This is amazing. I was upset when I thought Cecil died and then still sad when Deloris died. I've actually never seen a nuzlocke where someone keeps a rattata this long so gg. and of course you find a shiny lol
love it. great art, great pacing. cant wait to see more!
ayyyy! im so glad to see it updated after being gone for so long!!!
oh yeah...forgot about that...shit
"This gym was sooooo fun," said no one ever.
Rollout. freaking rollout.

And I thought I had it bad. Im a writer and I have a habit of starting different stories. I cant imagine what it must be like to not only try making two comics but have to pay to make it too. Cuz you know art supplies and shit.

Anyway love the comic

And panty shots kekekeke
@Auberon_Sylveon: Well, it's not like he knew he had killed anyone at the time. That was a situation that ended up bad for everyone...
uh-oh. that crack can't be good...
Wow this one actually looks intense. Like the other ones looked cute or cool. But this one looks like it takes no shit from no one lol. also congrats on the promotion...on whatever it is you do...
Never Fails
@Libear: if not now, then soon. In my fire red nuzlocke I made it through mount moon without any casualties. I decided to train in the area before cerulean city and I lost my spearow to an ekans. all that, and I lose a pokemon to a wild pokemon. good things don't last...
I love everything about this! The characters are all interesting and not at all boring and the art screams medieval!
Boom. End of Nuzlocke right there. XD
Who's the guy with shovel knight?
@samalamb: welcome to Pokemon sun and moon