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Looks like I was wrong
I figured it'd be Broseph or Diva that got the boxing. Poor Parasect, life is hard for them.
@Bmandude98: We get them when they're done. Petty's busy with life and the updates are fairly large so they take a long time.

There's a QnA up on her tumblr that gives a lot of insight into behind the scenes things.
@MegaBlaziken: The comic's not dead, it just takes a long time between updates because it's a low priority and the updates tend to be multiple pages long.
Yay, two more pages!

Liking Diva. I always loved catching either a Jigglypuff or Clefairy in gen one and loading them up with fun TMs. Normal types are so versatile and everyone underestimates them.
@EnceladusTrainer: Can you recommend any other comics that do so? Preferably a completed one but an enjoyable ion progress would also be fun.
Petty, if you don't mind my asking, why did you choose to use Weston against the Primeape instead of your other Pokémon?
Yay Update
So happy to see a new update to this comic, I really enjoy the story you're setting up, I've been noticing all the little changes you've been making to the Gen 2 story and I'm curious to see what the bigger story you have planned for the comic. Also happy to see you using a Parasect, they seem to get so little love but I've always liked them, they're one of the few 'tough but slow' types that I like.

Sorry to say I'm not upset to see Weston go though, I've long held a grudge against the Togepi line, them being pretty crap in their debut gen didn't help though I yours seem stronger than mine ever was. I'm left wondering if you'll end up with another 'Paragon' Pokémon now or if not who wil pick up the exposition? I suppose you're rather close to the islands so Lugia could show up but it seems a bit early for that.

Also, I'm so sorry your comment section was filled with so many haters so soon after the update, hope you don't get discouraged. Some of us genuinely enjoy your work and don't mind waiting for it.